Cold Wet Night = INDOORS ONLY

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Its such a nasty miserable day. Its a cold freaking rain and I hate it. I was shivering outside. Scott and his sister was acting like it was nothing. WHAT!? I sure can't handle that. Right now we have the heat set on 76 and the fireplace going. I am still cold.. husby is cold too he we are warming it up around here. And we are having coffee too.. I need the warmth and the energy. I think we are just going to lay around for the rest of the night and do nothing. Jackson does have school tomorrow.. spring break doesn't happen for him until the 29th. I just want it to warm up. I am so ready to get in the garage and get it all cleaned out. I am seriously throwing out so much.. including a old washer and dryer...a treadmill.. and I am still debating on getting rid of the deep freezer. I just don't want any of that stuff anymore. I just need one sunny warm day!!!

So not much is going to going on around here.. Well that's not exactly true.. it was a big day for this baby.. 

He actually crawled out of his little " hut " cage and took his real first steps.. Here's a quick video!!

Sooooooo cute! 

Anyway, I am thinking about taking a early long hot bath! 

I hope you have a great night and I will talk to you guys soon. 

K Jaggers

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