Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just a quick hello! In about 20 minutes my sister in law and her husband will be here! So I will be celebrating my 37 birthday with more family than expected! Too bad mom can't be here. But its been a really great day. I woke up to Jackson coming in my room with all the cats singing happy birthday to me. It was precious. Then a few minutes later a stranger shows up to the door with birthday wishes and handed me this.. 

And it was from mom and Don! It contains a bunch of bath and shower stuff. She has been full of birthday surprises! I will show you the inside later! Mom got me a really nice bedding set.. some tea...and more bath stuff.. Scott got me new Nikes.. and a trip to Biltmore..( had to postpone until a later date ) and he also got me a BUNCH of Avon stuff too! Jackson got me all bath stuff.. which I can't wait to try out and Brittany made me something. The gifts come second to such a wonderful family.  

Then my daughter calls singing happy birthday through the phone. totally cute! 

Since then I have just piddled around the house.... did some shopping, jackson went along... and have been enjoying the day.. stress free! 

Ohhh and check out the pretty flowers from husby..

Tonight I am cooking us all dinner.. which I don't mind one bit.. and enjoying some birthday cake! 

Thank you for all the facebook birthday wishes and on here too! You guys are awesome friends. (:

I hope you have a wonderful night and I will be back when I can. Also I found some lost pictures from Florida and I will be getting them up soon! 


K Jaggers

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