Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I have been busy since 7am.. I never went back to sleep as I had hoped. Instead, I have been busy doing laundry and packing. I still have a ton to do too.. But I have till 8 or 9 so I should have plenty of time. I also have a kitchen to clean up and I need to clean myself up too. In just a few minutes I am tossing laundry around.. cleaning up and heading to the bank and the store. I need to make a deposit and I also need to pick Brandon a few things up that he can microwave and we need some car food too. I still need to pack shoes, makeup, and shower stuff. I think I might just pull my hair back and shower later.. then pack the shower stuff. I got most of Gabbys stuff packed too. Taking her and 3 kittens requires a little planning! 

Its a beautiful day here. So happy about that! I have the windows open and the sun is shinning bright in.. perfect for errands! 

I am going to be busy in the coming days. I will get some posts up in my free time but feel free to check out the archives and you can always follow me on Twitter and instagram if you want keep up with where I am and what I am doing! 

Time for errands. 

K Jaggers

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