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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hellooo.. I figured I would share some of my thoughts with ya! I am sure it will be a lot of rambling.... and maybe a little bitching! 

* Why does it have to be so nasty out? The weather has sucked for days on end.


It has been dark all day. At point it was a bright dark day and then it got really dark and now the sun is setting so its turning to night time. Yuck.

* Mr. Jaggers is still with us. Nothing has changed. Again.. please keep him in your prayers. 

* When are these kittens going to get here?? Waiting.. waiting..waiting..

* Need to make dinner.. really soon!

* Soooo happy Scott is on his way home. I miss him and everyday there are a million times I want to talk to him. I just want him here with us. I always feel better when we are all together. And tomorrow he will be home all day!!

* Brittany is doing ok today. She is wondering how long she is grounded from everything..I suggested she not drive her dad nuts with that question or it might be a lot longer.

* I woke up thinking of both Mr. Jaggers and Brittany. However Scott called early about some other family member. Theres way to many things going on for me to keep up.

* My grandmother seems to be doing great at my Uncles. So thankful for that. Maybe she is where she belongs.

* I found out that my nephew got into trouble Friday too. Guess it just wasn't a good day for the kids in our family. =(

* Yay!!! Husby is home.. BRB.

* Made a quick trip to Mickey D's and now back home cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, eating, and blogging..with Scott.. Perfect night!


* Since Brittany is grounded.. she is blowing up everyones phone. There is a point where she is just going to have to accept that she is grounded and stop blowing us all up!

* I spoke with one of the kids mom involved today.. let me just say the conversation shocked the hell out of me.

* I think I used something on the floors that got Romeo sick.. He has been getting sick and his eyes have been really bad. Thankfully he is looking like he is starting to feel better. But he had me worried. 

* And he just moves what he wants when its time for a nap. He is always tearing up the DVD's. 

* I am loving the way I am journaling now.Its pretty much unlike anything I have ever used before. And its not fancy at all! Ha! But everything from my to do list, calender, and actual journal are all in one book.

* I am going to try to film a video tonight or tomorrow of February Freebies. I didn't get a ton though. I am also working on a few other videos, including a BIG giveaway!

* I have so many movies to talk to you guys about.. I have no idea how I am going to pick for Monday!

* Now in bed blogging! Big time jump..

* I wish I would have took Jackson to paint today. Why didn't I think of it till it was too late??

* Scott was still in a pretty gloomy mood tonight. Hopefully his dad will be ok but at this point we just don't want him to have to suffer. But honestly we are just waiting on the call. 

* I wanted a laugh today so not only did Jackson and I do a lot giggling.. I also watched The Hangover for a good laugh! It worked! 

* Today wasn't near as stressful as yesterday. All the same things are looming over us as last night.. but a good nights sleep and prayer helped. 

* I don't know what is up with green ink but I tend to write in it more than any other color. What color ink do use the most?

hand writing in green ink

* My purse is a mess.. a bottle of aspirin spilled and there are a million Advil just floating around in the bottom of my purse. Don't you hate it when that happens? Gotta get that shit cleaned up before they start sticking to the gummy bears that have also spilled in my purse. Thanks Jackson! 

* I also didn't make one bed today. I make 3 beds a day and I don't feel a bit bad about taking off the weekends! However, I am pretty sure that husby wasn't too happy about his messy bed tonight. But he was able to fall sound asleep and now snoring like a bear! 

* Its midnight and the damn dogs next door are barking like maniacs.. which is a switch from morning. I guess they are just trying to really piss off the entire neighborhood.. Their dogs use to wake us all up about 530-600am Every Morning.. and this past week they have probably keeping up most of my neighbors because they are going nuts in the midnight hour! Ha! Thank God I am a night owl! 

* Scott is still doing well with work. I will be honest, at one point.. I was hoping he would hate it and then we could move to Florida.. which was pretty selfish of me.. Now I am happy he is happy and I hope we can move closer to his new job. I can't believe I am saying this but I am just trying to be a good understanding wife. But I still want to move South when we can. 

* Jackson has been a wild child today. But we have had a good day home together! Hes so freaking cute! For 2 nights in row he has fell asleep in our bed. 

* He knows its the best bed in the house! 

* I am not sure what is going on tomorrow. I am sure I will sleep in and the boys will do something in the morning. 

* Its time for bed.. and I am ready to snuggle up under the blankets and start dreaming. Its amazing how sleep seems to solve a lot of problems! 

Have a beautiful Sunday! 


K Jaggers

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