Up ALL Night..

Friday, March 8, 2013
Its been a crazy stressful night for our entire family. Gabby went into labor yesterday in the afternoon. At 1141pm she had her first kitten..

Then a few minutes later we had kitten # 2

And this is where the problem comes.. She struggled all night long pushing.. Scott and I stayed up the ENTIRE night with her. At 5am I was scared to death for her and ended up calling one of the emergency Vet Clinics. They told me to wait till 8am and get her right in to Dr. John. 

So at 7am I packed up Gabby and the babies.. 

and drove an hour to get there.. ( we moved ) 

We were the first ones there and I had to wait about 15 minutes for them to open the door. 

So we go in.. and I explain everything.. and the first thing done is an xray.. 

And here is what it shows.. 

I know its hard to tell... but there is a baby lodged above the birth canal. Its so big that it wouldn't fit. So there was only 2 options. 

1. Give her oxytocin and hope that it would help move the baby. 

2. Do a C- Section right away. 

Dr. John told me that if we give her the oxytocin and it didn't work.. the cats would die. That if he tried to preform a c section Gabby would bleed to death because the oxytocin makes the blood thin. 

So guess what Scott and I decided. ...

( Thats Gabby in her case in that cage way back there )

Gabby is getting a c-section as I type. I am so nervous. They also told me that if this happened this time.. it would happen again and that breeding should be over for her. WOW.

And let me tell you in case you are wondering.. 

$620.00 TODAY

So if you are wanting to breed cats.. think twice. I love it and right now.. I am reconsidering it all together. Not because of the money but because Gabby is one of the biggest loves of my life. And the thought of her dying in the name of my cattery just makes me sick. Sure, I always knew that was a risk. But with a 4 year old cat.. its not normal. 

She will be coming home tonight. I have to go back and pick her up around 3 - 4 pm. They said she would be more comfortable at home than in a cage over the weekend. She is coming home with meds and hopefully 3 kittens. Its been a very long night. I haven't slept yet. I might try to sleep in a while but I have had 4 cups of espresso and even thought I am exhausted, worried, and stressed out.. I am awake and my eyes are bugging out of my head.. Attractive huh? I will for sure shower before going to get her. Scott hasn't slept either. 

They just called.. 

Gabby is out of surgery.. and we have another baby! Yea!! I have to get her at 4pm! He told me the kitten is long.. and the way it was positioned.. it would have never came out with the oxytocin. Guess we made the right call. Thank God. 

Maybe I can rest now. 

Thank you for all the kind words on facebook. You guys are amazing friends . 


K Jaggers
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