What a Miracle..

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well friends.. I haven't slept at all night. I decided to wing it.. no sleep meds and see if I can just stay up today. Right now I am wide awake but I am not sure that will last. Its going to be next to impossible to stay up till tonight.. we'll just have to see! 

Jackson was pretty shocked that I was the one waking him up this morning. We had a good time.. lots of giggles and kisses. I even got a kiss before he got out of the car.. which is a miracle because he thinks he's too old to give his mom kisses in front of others. =(  But guess he was in a happy mood this morning. Scott was shocked and happy to see me up this morning too. It was rather a fun house this morning. Who would have guessed!?

Since I was up last night.. I took advantage of it and cleaned and cleaned. The bathrooms look amazing and the kitchen is pretty clean. I even got the laundry up. So if I do fall asleep, I don't have to feel guilty about it. I figured if I was going to be up all night anyway.. why not do something productive. Insomnia sucks. My sleep meds haven't been working.. so I just got busy. Maybe one day I will get on a normal schedule... who knows. 

Anyway.. time for some coffee.. and I want to work on some other posts. 

Hope you have a great Monday!

K Jaggers

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