What a Day..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Helllooooo! I hope you guys have been having a great day. Its been really busy around here. My phone has been ringing over and over and over. So I won't get into all the details but we might be moving little Zane ( Scott's son from a previous relationship ) in with us as soon as this weekend. His mom is having some health issues and just isn't able to care for him at this point. We were going to fly him tomorrow but he does have some plans this weekend and is being cared for by a family friend. Zanes mom is in the hospital so we are really worried about him. Right now the plan is head down to Louisiana on Saturday.. pick him up on Sunday..and head back home. Yea.. its pretty sudden but our doors are always open to any of our kids. I have been on the phone with husby on and all off all day.. I have talked to Zanes mom 3-4 times today...I have been on the phone with the Shannons friend who is now caring for Zane 3-4 times today and then I got on the phone with the schools and trying to get this all figured out. We don't really know how long she will be gone so we don't know how long to prepare for. Husby says prepare for it to be FOREVER... which is ok but we have to try to prepare the best we can before hand. She might come home before the weekend if she is treated and feeling better but we still think we are heading down there. She has a lot of kids.. she is stressed out.. lost a family member not too long ago and it might just be best to give her a break until she can get herself together a little better. Who knows what is going to happen. But its been a stressful day. 

Then little Jackson gets home and its homework time. To be honest, it was hard concentrating on his stuff thinking about what's going on with Zane. And to top it off.. Brittany told me she thinks she is moving in this summer too. So we really are going to have a houseful! 

So right now our plans are to head south this Saturday. Things could change though but I guess I have to prepare for one long road trip this weekend. 

What a day..

I have a lasagna baking away in the oven. Its the Pioneer Womans Recipe which is a little different than my normal recipe but what the hell.. we will give it a try! I need to get up make a salad.. and get the garlic bread in the oven and also toss laundry around. 

Husby is working late due to that sale so after I get dinner all done.. I might go ahead and slip in a hot bath before he gets here. Last night he got home late.. sucked up all the hot water.. and I had to wait for a while before I could shower.. so might just avoid that problem all together! 

I should be back a little later.. I wanted to get more posts up today but life didn't agree! 


K Jaggers
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