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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Can’t I ever get to sleep at a reasonable time? I seriously think I need to get back to the Dr and have more sleep studies done. I am willing to do anything to fix this problem of mine. Hopefully this glass of


Moscato will help make me sleepy.

 The picture above was taken by Jackson! It came out pretty good huh! (: 

I have no idea what is going on with Zane. I am just to the point where I am wore out... I just want to know when its time to pack. 

My mom is in a casino right now..Good Luck!! 

My phone is still a mess. I don't understand how so many apps got deleted.. I have no idea which ones they were and I feel like my smart phone is pretty stupid right now. I just need to take time to try to get it fixed. I am seriously pissed off about it. 

I am wondering when Gabby is  going to give birth. I am a nervous wreck wondering when the kittens will arrive.

Videos.. Still working on filming...
Nail Polish Haul + Swatches
Kitty Video
New Giveaways
Updated Tea Video
Lets Talk Series for next Thursday

 But being I am running behind it could take a while to get them all filmed.

 Also going to start doing on recipe a week ( if possible ) from this wonderful Julia Child Cookbook. 

 I am going to start out pretty easy. I want to use my kitchen maid mixer but not sure how many of you have big mixers.. might end up doing it by hand instead. If you have a preference let me know! 

 Scott has worked his ass off this week. He has came home exhausted every night for five days straight. We miss him.. and I can't wait until he is home with me on Sunday. Also he is taking next Tuesday off too. 

 I can't begin to explain how bad my closet is. I just shut the door and refuse to go in there. Its time to take a few minutes each day and start going through things and get it back in order. 

 We are also planning a move in the summer. We want to move out of this house as soon as we can. I hate Scott having to drive so far to work and I am ready for a change. I wish it was Florida but that is on hold at the time being. 

 My mom is getting me new bedding for my Birthday and I have been looking at different sets all day. So many to choose from. At first I was looking at teal and brown sets and now I am back to looking at all white sets. Idk...just trying to find something pretty! 

 I have been wearing a mascara lately that is amazing. I can't wait to do a review on it. It makes my lashes look amazing.. Also using a BB Cream that I am loving too! Its what I am wearing in the picture above! 

 I am thinking about changing the layout of the blog. Still trying to figure out what I want but stay tuned for some bloggy changes in the future! 

 Here lately when I call my grandmother she is laughing more! Its so cute to hear. (: She is so cute and seems really happy at my Uncle Buddys house. 

 Dinner was super easy tonight...

 Sadly husby wasn't home for dinner. But hopefully tomorrow he will get home sooner. That KFC Sandwich was really good. I ate every bite!

 Thinking about Jodi Arias tonight. I wonder what she is doing in her cell. You know.. if you watch her, you will find out that she is pretty easy to like. I know she did a horrible thing but she is likable. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I don't think she should be killed or even get life in prison. I am thinking that maybe a mental hospital would be better. But they don't have that choice. Her actual life is in their hands. Scary..

 Jackson stayed in his pjs all day. Then he took a bath and put on another pair of pjs! Yea.. it was a really lazy day. 

 I need to go to Lowes but I keep putting it off. I want to go get a piece of white picket fence. Maybe I can do it Sunday when husby is home. 

♥ I really need to try to clean all the bathrooms.. which is a lot of work.. 3 full bathrooms wears me out. See why I want a smaller house?

 The weather is suppose to suck for the next week. God, I just wish spring would get here. 

 I need to call the CFA..Cat Fanciers of America and get the paperwork going on the kittens. They have been known to mess up before so I want to avoid problems. I have already got a bunch of kitty packs ready. 

 Tomorrow I need to go to the market. Thinking maybe Jackson can go too. But that will cost me more money!

 The neighbors dogs are barking right now.. thats sure a change. They usually yap in the mornings. I hate those little yappy dogs. Another reason to move. 

Many of my makeup brushes need cleaned. I have so many.. its a big big job.. but have you seen the new 

♥ Sigma Brush Spa Glove?? I think it could work really well and seriously thinking about ordering it. 

♥ I have been eating wayyyy to much Valentine Candy! 

♥ How many of you guys will be watching the Oscars this weekend? I'm not sure if I am tuning in or not. I probably will see bits and pieces but its always too long! 

♥ I need to pick Gabby up some more prenatal vitamins..Hopefully I will read this tomorrow and get it on my to do list! 

♥ Its super late.. I need sleep.. I plan on sleeping in late so don't expect any post until tomorrow afternoon! When I don't have to wake to the alarm.. I sleep as long as I can! 

Have a great Saturday! 


K Jaggers

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