Waking up to Thunder..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Morning! Time to rise and shine... however there is no sun shinning around here today. We are back to thunderstorms. It was actually a little hard trying to get Jackson to school because it was coming down so hard. Before we left, Jackson was begging me to let him go back to bed on this rainy day. He couldn't miss school no matter how badly I wanted to yes to him. So we chatted along the way and on the way home I was talking to husby who said the weather is worse. Great! Looks like a day I will be staying home unless it dries up some. Thankfully we got a kitchen full of food.. the cats and dog have everything they need so hopefully I can stay in and stay dry. This is what the weather looks like for the rest of the day..

Frz Rain
Rain/Freezing Rain
Rain and freezing rain this morning...thundershowers possible for the afternoon. Thunder possible. High 49F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph

So its going to be we all day long around here. I might end up going back to sleep for a while. However I got up pretty easy today and I feel awake right now. So I might just end up getting Jacksons room cleaned. I hate the way he cleans so I like to do it myself. It sure is messy in there.. and hopefully today I will get it all cleaned up. I am trying to focus on getting rid of the clutter and getting rid of all the shit we don't use. Its amazing how much crap we accumulated over the years. Stuff we don't even need or use. So I will be filling up even more trash bags today with more junk. I think sometime this weekend, I am going to call Goodwill to come pick up old clothes and other donation items too. I don't even want to think about going through all my clothes that I don't want anymore. ... talk about a big job! 

So Jodi Arias is back in court in just a few hours. I wonder if the jurors are getting tired of seeing her on the stand for days in and days out. I can't believe how well she is holding up against the prosecutor. I doubt today will be any different. I think we both are wanting that " wow " moment of her testifying but so far its been pretty much the same as before. She doesn't remember.. she loved him.. and she didn't want to kill him. Who knows that the jurors think at this point. And they still have all the experts to get to also. This trial is exhausting me and I am only watching! Imagine living it. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. I am going to go get another cup of hot coffee..go through my to do list and figure out what the day holds! Brandon did go to work today so I guess he will be home with us this weekend!! 


K Jaggers

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