Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good Morning! I can't believe the morning I have had already. It started off with a loud bang...→ Literally ← and hasn't stopped since. Scott was up early and super loud. I don't think he realizes it or not.. but he woke us all up this morning. I think since he got up so early.. he was lonely! Actually that totally reminds me of my grandfather. I wasn't so pleased about it either. But I did go to sleep really early last night so it wasn't so terrible. I got Jackson to school and since have been on the phone and working on figuring things out for the house. We always have so many different things going on and its not always so easy to keep track of it. 
I am happy that I called the phone company and took our cell phone bill down from over $300 a month to $179 a month. Yay!! Every month my husband complains about our super high phone bill. Well today I switched things around and got it lowered.. love it! =)

I have some errands to run today..I have to go to CVS and the grocery store. I think I am only going to things to get us through until Sunday.. and then go out again. I just don't feel like being out all day. I have a bunch of cleaning that needs to get done around here today too. 

Yesterday I started out good and in the afternoon.. it went to shit. I had a headache.. was out of Advil.. didn't want to take a shot because it wasn't that bad so I just took 1/2 of one of husbys pain pills. It totally knocked me on my ass for most of the day..

This is what yesterday looked like..
I started out with a very yummy iced caramel mocha and then went to CVS.. but while I was there.. I was felt sick.. so I came home and planted myself on the couch and watched the Jodi Arais trial. Then husby came home... and took us all out to dinner! 

I came home and crashed out.. really early. I was asleep by 11pm. I woke up sometime early to Scott turning off the tv and to be honest.. I am a little sleepy right now. So going to refill my coffee.. get dressed and get the shopping done. 

I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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