The Americans

Sunday, February 3, 2013
The Americans

I just had to take a few minutes to tell you about the new tv show that came out last Wednesday on FX that totally sucked both Scott and I right into it. Seriously.. 4 days after watching the season premiere I am thinking about what happened during the first moments of the show.

This is a spy kinda series. One of my favorite kinds of movies.. so its not a huge leap to think that I would like this tv show too! It’s a period piece set back in 1981, right after Reagan was elected President, following the trials and tribulations of two KGB spies undercover in America.

Here's the trailer..

I am sure FX will be running last weeks epsoide off and on until Wednesday. It was truly good. It took a lot of twists and turns and kept us wanting more. This is not Keri Russels typical good girl part. She is tough and determined.. I love her in this part. And her husband played by Matthew Rhys is also pretty amazing! 

I think the coming weeks are going to be even more amazing with all the twists and turns as these two seemingly normal Americans try to undermine the United States for their Russian homeland! 

The Americans

I just had to let you all know about it.. so if you are into the spy kind of movies or shows, you will love this!

Did you watch the season premiere??  What did you think of it!?


K Jaggers

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