Sweet Weekend

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Helloooo!!! I hope you are having a great weekend! God knows.. I live for the weekend so I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock. My plan didn't work so well last night though. I took extra sleep meds but I still didn't fall asleep till almost 5am. But I slept pretty good and got up about 1245. Jackson is old enough now to pour himself a bowl of cereal and watch tv or play on the xbox until I am up. And he got up about 830 and around 1030, I woke up because of the kitty cats.. came down stairs to check on him and he was crashed out on the couch snuggled up blankets! It was sweet. I guess the weekends are not just great for me but him too. He needs to catch up on sleep too from getting up so early on the weekdays. 

We don't have any big plans this weekend. I need to work around the house..catch up on laundry..and I also plan on grooming all the kitty cats this weekend. Boy, they are going to love that! Gabby is due towards the middle to end of March and most likely this will be the last bath she has for many months to come. A long time ago a Vet told me that after a cat has kittens.. she should not be bathed for a very long time because the smells from the shampoo could hide the natural milk scent and could be trouble for the kittens. So yea.. she is getting her last bath this weekend. I can't wait for those kittens to come! 

These are the babies from the last litter...

so precious! I'm E-X-C-I-T-E-D!! 

Willow has been in heat for the entire week... Romeo has been taking care of business so we might just have 2 litters coming up soon! YEA!!!  I get a ton of ktity questions but hopefully Sunday I can get around to making a video where I answer a few of those questions. 

Also I am getting the Ask the Housewife post done.. but there is still a little time left to send in your questions.. Just drop me a line below.. 

or you can always leave a question in the comments! I am hoping either late tonight or tomorrow to have that post done and up! You guys are welcome to ask me anything.. and I will answer it. Nothing is off limits!! 

Also don't forget to get entered into the windex giveaway too! You can read the full post here or you can just use the form in my → sidebar! →

Have a great weekend.. I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers

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