Sweet Dreams

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hellooo! I hope you have been having a great night.. around here things are pretty quiet. Well maybe not.. I got busy cleaning my desk off and it wasn't easy either. I still have tons of papers to go through. I'm serious.. Our family generates a lot of paperwork and I am a pack rat so.. its always a big job.

Sorry for not blogging today. Here lately I have just not been in the mood to be at the computer all day long. I think the Jodi Arias trial has took over everything for me. I am just sucked right in. I did go out and do a little shopping today but I didn't really feel like making another grocery haul. So yea.. its been a rather easy day.

For dinner I again went with the " easy " idea and made


I cheated with the paper plates though! It was actually really good and I also served it with some fries and canned pears. It was a hit and we all ate good.. Well me and the kids did. Scott worked till after 10 pm last night. They sold 7 cars today and he was exhausted when he walked through the door. I just dealt with it the best I could. We miss him but hes busy with a big sale. Its better than not selling any cars.

I don't know what is going on with Zane. Earlier today we were told to come down on Saturday then this evening.. its I don't know... I am seriously tired of the drama. Its sad but who knows what is going to happen to him. If I told you guys the truth.. you would be shocked. We will just have to wait and see. I keep thinking about it.. and praying. Brandon even arranged it where he is off Saturday to watch Jackson but again.. things changed. We both are tired of the games. Shes not a computer person so shes never on here.. I don't even think she knows about this blog.. but out of respect for Zane I am not going into details. We are just worried about him. ):

Also tonight Romeo got himself not feeling good by eating the tulips on the table. Thank goodness they are not dangerous to cats.. however after eating a lot of it. his stomach was feeling good and got sick. I was constantly yelling at him and even moved them high.. but he found a way to them.
He's a little pain in the ass!

I went out just a little while ago and it was pouring down..

I avoided CVS but I really wanted to go. Husby calls it my addiction. But its so fun shopping for makeup!! I love it. I didn't want to be out int he rain for long so I was quick. Its 2am right now and its still raining.  I am thinking Jackson and I are going to the sandwich shop on the corner tomorrow. He doesn't have school and he would love for just him and I to go out to lunch. I do plan on sleeping in but we might just have us a late lunch. I think its suppose to rain most of the day tomorrow too. I actually have the window open right now and the breeze feels good and the rain sounds good.. Perfect for Dreaming!

I am going to try to get some videos done in the coming days. I am really behind but I am going to try to catch up the best I can. I don't know what is going on with me but everything feels off right now. Just know I am working on it! I also got a couple of boxes in for review... so I will be working on those posts and videos too.. I am also getting ready for another giveaway too.. AND I am teaming up again with other bloggers to bring you 2 great giveaways in the coming weeks! Super excited!!

I hope you guys have a great Friday!


K Jaggers
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