Sweet Dreams

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hellloooo.. Happy Valentines Day to you all! I hope you had a great day.. This post needs to be fast because I am sleepy and need rest. 

It was a cold rainy day here..

If I would have realized how nasty it was outside..I probably would have stayed home. I had to do some shopping..

I did make a food haul video that you can find here if you want to see what I am making for dinner tomorrow! We thought about going out but husby works till 8pm .. we have the boys.. so I decided to cook us a really nice dinner instead! 

For dinner tonight I made this chili mac 

and it was really really good. We all ate it up! I did make a video that I will have up tomorrow. Its so easy and it will feed a crowd. 

I escaped EARLY to a hot 


bubble bath and then enjoyed a night on the couch watching tv with husby. We did go ahead and exchange a couple of our Valentine gifts! I will show you tomorrow what he picked out for me! 

Right now he is... well you can see for you can see and HEAR yourself..

Im tired too. I am already up later than I wanted to be. 

Time for bed!


K Jaggers

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