Sunday Night Thoughts..

Monday, February 4, 2013

♥ Feeling tired tonight. Don't know what it is.. but I never seem to get enough sleep anymore. 

♥ I hate that the alarm is going to be crowing at 730am. I really hate it. Its awful getting up every morning!! 

♥ I think I have everything ready for the morning :

Coffee is ready
Keys are out
Jacksons clothes are out.
Backpack is ready
Report Card Signed.
And a breakfast bar out for a quick bite if Jackson is hungry.

♥ I still don't know who won the Superbowl. I am sure I can look and find out. But I really don't care. 

♥ Dinner tonight was really easy. 

♥ I made ribs, baked beans, green beans and mac n cheese. I served it on plastic plates and it was really good. 

The ribs were 

really easy and delicious. It was a perfect dinner for the boys who ate in front of the tv. 

♥ Something happened with my laptop tonight where the mouse wouldn't work. Its working fine now but it stopped me from getting some posts done..which didn't make me happy. 

♥ Downton Abbey was amazing again. I loved it!! What a wonderful show. 

♥ I have no idea what tomorrow holds. I have some shopping to do but hoping to make that happen on Tuesday. Tomorrow I just need to pick up the house. 

♥ Wondering if Jodi Arias is going to testify tomorrow?? Have you been keeping up with the case. I watch way too much court tv! 

♥ Its been freezing cold here the past few days. We will be lucky if it gets to 50 here tomorrow. 

♥ The cats are driving me crazy.. Look at how big Gypsy is getting..

♥ Speaking of pets.. Cooper here..

harasses us nonstop to throw balls for him. Seriously dude.. its cold out. It drives us nuts.. he's non stop. He even sleeps with the ball. 

♥ In the coming days we have another Ask the Housewife post coming up. If you have a question you would like to ask send them in. You can leave them right here!!  I am hoping to have it up by Wednesday!! 

♥ I  think my grandmother is starting to act a little mischievous. I had a long talk with my Uncle and he filled me in. It can't be easy. 

♥ I still need to menu plan for this week..decisions decisions. Part of menu planning is going through all the cabinets. I seriously need to organize the kitchen. 

♥ I married a wonderful man who SNORES. I'm in the spare bedroom tonight. I have the door closed and I can still hear him. I think its time for some kind of surgery to make it stop.. I miss him. 

♥ I haven't been on the phone for days. Sorry if that upset some of you. I just wanted a break. And I must say.. its been nice. 

♥ I have to run to the post office tomorrow. I seem to always be going there.. 


super grateful that I get can stuff from point a to point b pretty easily. I still believe in snail mail. 

♥ Going to get a couple new videos up.. I want to do an updated skin care routine and a peek into my makeup bag! Should be a lot of fun! 

♥ Are you excited for Valentines Day? I think its great!! And we always celebrate it! 

♥ I would love to have a pedicure. Thinking I might go soon. Sounds amazing if you ask me. 

♥ Laundry is almost caught up. 

36 More Perfectly Timed Photos | Bored Panda

its amazing how much laundry we produce. And I have to admit.. I went a little nuts with the 

♥ I used the entire container in 2 loads. I was washing blankets and towels and wanted them to smell really good!

♥ I almost fell asleep in the bath.. why am I so tired??  I came out and collapsed on the bed. What a great feeling.

♥ Had a pretty good night. Now, its time for sleep because morning is coming..wayyy too soon!

♥ Have a wonderful Monday!


K Jaggers
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