Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi, I hope you had a lovely day. Around here I stayed pretty busy cleaning. I kept checking things off my to do list. By time I was finished I was pretty tied and by about 7pm.. I drifted off to sleep for over an hour. I didn't cook.. instead we all had corn dogs and I also had a loaded sweet potato that was out of this world. Husby didn't get home till close to 9 but he is home all day tomorrow. He is taking Jackson to school tomorrow which is the only reason I am up so late. I am doing better with the sleeping.. I guess I have been really tired.. combined with a few sleeping pills and maybe a glass of wine has been knocking me out. Today it wasn't too hard to get up but I was lucky enough to be home and work on my own schedule. But I did get a lot done and it feels great to have a few of the bigger jobs done! 

Gabby is still huge.. no kittens yet. But she is close. I plan on doing a couple of videos tomorrow including one for the birthing box and also one for a review.. But she is being very affectionate and could go into labor at any time. I am a nervous wreck and watching her minute by minute. I even hate leaving the house right now. The entire house is on kitten watch!! Gabby couldn't be more loved! Even for Scott one of the first things he does is always check on her. I could even feel them moving earlier tonight! Woooo-hoooo! I am hoping for 3 boys and 2 girls...but who knows!! 

Tomorrow its just going to be husby and I laying around the house taking it easy. Its exactly how Scott wants it to be. He just wants to be home and taking it easy.. BUT he said he has to take a conference call in the morning but I won't be up to have listen to it. He also said he was going to catch up on some of the shows he missed this past week too. Gotta love DVR'S. I am hoping to get the videos made and uploaded and I also hope to clean the living room a little better too. But we are going to enjoy being home together! Hes been working so many hours that we really miss him. I miss him. 

I hope your day went wonderful. I plan on answering a bunch of blog comments tomorrow.. so stay tuned! 

Talk to you soon! 

K Jaggers
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