Review Time!! - Shout Stain Remover Triple Acting Pump & Wipes - { Photos & Video.. including a SPECIAL GUEST VIDEO REVIEW by my Husband! }

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Helllooooo! I hope you are having a lovely evening. Tonight I would like to take up a few minutes of your time to go over STAIN REMOVAL! (:

Here is the video ( WITH TONS OF INFORMATION ) and below you will find more pictures and information! BTW.. My husband cut in and did a GUEST VIDEO REVIEW.. so check it out! 

I did add his review in the video above but here it is on its own! (:

I have been using Shout for years. When I was asked if I wanted to review it.. I knew instantly that I would because its a product I LOVE! 

Shout comes in two different ways. 

The one we all love and adore is the 

Triple Acting Shout

that sits in most of our laundry rooms. 

Its so simple to use. 

Just spray on the stain.. let it sit for 1- 5 minutes.. and wash. For really set in stains.. let it sit over night with the shout and then launder it. This is a dye free formula. Its also fragrance free.. which is nice if you have sensitive skin.. its has mostly natural ingredients.. 99% Natural. The trigger on the pump works really really well. And this is safe for all colorfast washables. Its recommended that you do not use this on silk and wool. And it works in all water temperatures but really works best in warmer water. 

They also have the Shout Wipe & Go Stain Removers. 

These are super handy and super easy to use! 

They fit in nicely in your purse, car, desk, back pocket.. anywhere.. 

And unlike the spray these do not have to be rinsed out. So they work really well for jobs like cleaning a small stain off the carpet. We always have these with us because they work so well. 

Really what Shout is wanting us to all do is.. 

Reprogram for fun! 

Go out and enjoy life without worrying about getting dirty. Go out have fun.. get those grass stains and then let them worry about getting the stains out!  To encourage families to take a fresh look at their daily routines – and reprogram how they think about seizing the moment – Shout® has developed the “Reprogramming America for Fun App” on Facebook. Once you log-in, the app integrates your name and profile photo into a short, personalized video that encourages living life out loud. Once the video has been watched, share it with your friends. There is also a ton of other great information on their facebook page and coupons and giveaways are always popping up! 

I absolutely love this product. I would recommend it to everyone and if you have pets or kids.. its a must!

You can find more information here at  and also check out their facebook page at for information, coupons and more! 

Stay tuned for a HUGE upcoming LAUNDRY GIVEAWAY including these products! 

Have you used Shout? What do you think about it?? How do you put it to use?? Let me know! 

Have a beautiful evening! 

K Jaggers

4 comments on "Review Time!! - Shout Stain Remover Triple Acting Pump & Wipes - { Photos & Video.. including a SPECIAL GUEST VIDEO REVIEW by my Husband! }"
  1. That looks a really good product - especially the wipes so you can have them to hand when you are out and about. Not sure if we have it here in the UK as I've never seen it - but shall look out for it.

  2. Yes I have used Shout! Love it-but did not know it came in little packets that you could take with you-I can't count the times I have dropped food in a restaurant on ME--it would get pre treated immediately-and then laundered later on--and no unsightly stains if you are going shopping after lunch!! I LOVE it!!

  3. I love Shout and use it all the time! I have never seen the packets. I will need to look for those to carry with me.

  4. @ PinkOddy.. I don't know if they have them in the UK or not.. but stay tuned for a upcoming giveaway where you might be able to win some!

    @ MikiHope.. yes they are so handy. go find the wipes and toss them in your purse.. you will fall in love with them.. and they are great for small carpet stains too!

    # Rita.. Again.. the packets are amazing! Go find them and tuck one or two away in your purse! You will be thankful you did! Have a great week!


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