My Valentine..

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I hope you all are having a  Lovely day! I took myself back to bed this morning. I had stayed up too late last night and I decided the perfect way to start my day of  Love was to take my tired butt back to bed! I got my littlest Valentine to school bright and early.. came back home.. I didn't even have a cup of coffee, instead.. I cuddled back up in my bed and dreamed for another 4 hours and it felt AMAZING! 

Last night I left husby a note on our white board... well, maybe its a little longer than a note..

And let me just say.. do you have any idea how hard it is to get a large list wrote on a white board. Well, its not so easy. I was smearing and smudging it over and over. I gave up on it looking pretty and neat.. yea.. that just wasn't happening! 

But he  Loved it!  

I was downstairs at 1am writing this up. We have been together for MANY Valentines Days and its not always so easy coming up with new ideas. I have a video coming up soon of what I got him and I will show you later tonight what he got me!! We just exchanged our presents with each other last night too. Plus we are not done with Valentines Day. For us.. husby works till 7pm tonight.. then he will have to drive home an hour. So we won't be finishing the holiday till later tonight around 830 or 9pm. I am cooking us a really nice dinner. I just told Brandon on the phone that what we were having and he was totally excited! But again.. its going to be a late dinner for us!

Today I am pretty much taking it easy for most of the day. I will be picking things up around here.. tossing the laundry around and hanging out. Scott called to tell me how warm it is outside and that maybe I should open the windows. Well that would mean I would have to turn down the fireplace first! I have such a problem with a cold house. I don't even want to get dressed unless its 77 degrees around here. I hate being cold and it doesn't come and go. It just comes and stays around for a loooong time.

Speaking of getting dressed.. its time. I have Loved the late start but time to get cleaned up! 

I have a couple of videos that will be popping up soon so stay tuned. I am really behind on a lot of posts and I am trying to get them all caught up.. but I have either been busy or tired.. both not a good mix for blogging!

Have a great Lovely Valentines Day! 

Talk to you guys in a bit!


K Jaggers
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