Monday, February 18, 2013

Good morning! Actually besides being alive I don't really see how being up this early is good! Once again, I stayed up wayyyy to late. Then having to drag my ass out of the bed to get Jackson to school was very hard.  I remember husby coming in to tell me he was leaving.. and then he called sometime to remind me that it's Presidents day and he " thinks" Jackson has school. Ummmmm. yes he does.. But he is out of school on Friday! Woooo-hoooo!!But he is there now and lets hope he doesn't have any problems tomorrow. I will get a post up today or tomorrow about what happened but today he better come home with nothing but happy notes!

I have to admit that.. today  I am glad I don't work outside the house. Its freezing cold outside, I am still very sleepy.. and I am going to doze back off in just a few minutes. Shit.. I don't see any reason to stay up! I just consider myself very lucky to have that choice when I want it.

I am trying to get things up to date around here.  I doubt I will ever catch up the February lipstick linkup... but hopefully everything else is caught up. I am also thinking about doing a new series where I make 1 kind of fresh bread once a week. I haven't baked bread in a long time. I had some friends tell me they would love it if I made some videos of making bread. So maybe that will be happening this week too! =)

Well I am going to lay back for a few hours and catch up on some missed sleep!

Have a great day!

K Jaggers

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