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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helloooo! I hope you are all having a great night. Around here the house is shut down and I am blogging from bed. Which is seriously one of my most favorite places on earth! I was ahead of the game tonight. I got a early bath... I think I was in there around 7pm.. then I finished up dinner.. ate with the boys and waited on husby to get home. He was playing in a bowling fundraiser for a little girl with cancer. His boss sponsored a bunch of the guys to do it.. so it was a little later than normal. Honestly it was the last thing I wanted after him working so many hours this past week but he couldn't get out of it. 

All night long I have been keeping myself charged up with this 

For me... this is not your typical Earl Grey Tea. 

I think the loose leaves brings on a much better flavor. 

and its been heavenly. 


I think I probably had 5 cups already! I actually ordered some new tea online and once I get it.. and test it out.. I plan on doing a updated tea video! 

I don't think it kicked in as much as an espresso but it did help. I got busy finishing laundry up.. cooked dinner.. which I also filmed. 

I made this beer beef stew! 

It was really good. I served it up with corn bread and I made a ton.... I might even freeze some! I have been working to stock up the freezer with double meals.. plus we can have it for left overs sometime this week. Which I love! I just do it on what ever night I don't want to cook! 

Also today was Romeos 1st Birthday!!

I should have done a post for it but honestly.. I stayed busy today and just didn't do it.. But we love you kitty kitty! Happy Birthday! 

Also all day today.. Brittany sent me pictures such as this one.. 

while she was in school.. YEA..And you know what? Why was she wearing this tank top to school in WINTER. I seriously have to get her dad on the phone because he should be monitoring what she is wearing better. Shes sneaky and she always use to fight with her dad about wearing summer clothes in the winter and now it appears that she is getting away with it. Anyway.. she is bored.. she doesn't like her teacher.. shes too smart for school.. and all the drama that goes on with her little friends. Its exhausting! If she moves in here... she won't get away with 1/2 the shit she gets away with at her dads! 

In between house duties, I got busy working on my new planner. 

I am now using the black and white one. I tore the blue one apart and set up the big journal. Its working out great and I will show it to you guys in a updated journal video in the coming weeks. 

Thankfully today I finally got my phone put back in order.. I don't know about you guys but I delete a lot of apps off the home screen on my phone. Is that just me!??? Or does that happen to you too!? Well for a few days I just lived with the deleted apps and holes in my screen but I felt like a disorganized mes. So I finally figured out what ones belong on the home screen..

And snapped this picture so I won't have to wrack my brain the next time a app goes missing. The other screens are fine but this one always gets messed up. I also changed my background picture too. I had that Ted Bear because I thought he was cute. Yesterday Jackson told me that Ted is a drunken Teddy Bear and I should take it off! I explained I just thought he was cute but Jackson said I was too old for Ted. Ha! I just thought the bear was cute!! I haven't watched the movie or anything. Anyway.. I changed it to this adorable upside down kitty..

Also today I managed to do something kinda fun with my nails.. 

If you want to see how I did it you can click right right here!! I was just playing around and it came out pretty good and so far its holding up well too! 

I am proud to say that I got everything crossed off my to do list for today. I even went shopping and more kitty supplies. Gabby is starting to get really restless and shes huge. I am keeping a very close eye on her and now she is even wearing a bell so I know where she is all the time. Kittens will be here soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember these cute faces from past litters?

They are just too cute for words! I am ready for more!!!!

Tomorrow I should make a quick trip to the store to get the last few items to get us through the week. I might do it Wednesday though. I'm not sure but I am happy with what I got done today. However I never vacuumed upstairs because Jackson was playing video games by time I got around to it. But I will get it done tomorrow. I think Brandon will be home with me tomorrow too. Not sure though.. he was talking about working tomorrow and taking Saturday off. He was quiet tonight. Hes quiet all the time though. 

Tomorrow should be pretty easy though. At least I hope it is! I think I am going to finish my night with some Sleepy Time Tea and a new magazine. 

I hope you had a great Monday. (:

Sweet Dreams


K Jaggers
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