Monday Makeup - Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer Review { Photos, Swatches & Video! }

Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all! I thought today I would talk about this Loreal Crayon Concealer that I have been using for over a month now. 

$9.99, CVS

As you can see the point is gone at this point but it still stays pretty pointy.. allowing you to get in those hard areas. 

Here's my video review! 

So as you can see this is a crayon - pencil concealer and the bottom 

twists and turns both ways to either bring more product out and it also turns the other way to put the product back down in the tube. I really like the packaging because its so easy to toss in my purse or make up bag and doesn't take that much room up. 

 I am using the n 1-2-3 color and I think it works well under my eyes ( and maybe not so well on my wrist! ) 

This is such a wonderful product for my crazy dry skin. It's the creamiest, easiest concealer that I've tried so far and I've tried many higher end products like Laura Mercier secret camouflage, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Mac concealers. So far, none of them have been smooth enough for me. 

These crayon concealers literally melt onto your skin and they are such beautiful colors...I'm so excited that I've found another concealer that works for me! I love the True Match system, it makes it so easy to grab each item in my color range...I don't have to worry about getting something that will make me chalky or orangey. 

I really enjoy using this concealer its creamy yet not too watery! I wouldn't recommend this for dark circles but if you do use it I recommend you powder over the concealer with some face powder. The coverage is very buildable but don't apply too much since it can get cakey if you do too many layers. I think that is why people with dark circles are not so fond of this product. Because if you are really dark under the eyes.. you are going to add more and more of ANY concealer to cover up the discoloration. However if you have dark circles.. first things first.. Find the right shade for you. Just do your best in the store to figure it out and always keep your reciept just in case you did get the wrong shade. All the drugstores I know of.. let you return used makeup with or without a receipt. Then be sure to use a good eye cream and do your foundation first. Then go back and see where you need a little help. I don't see the point to use concealer first unless you are super dark under the eyes.. In that case, you a little first.. add your foundation and then see if you need additional coverage. 

I find that this little crayon type of packaging works so well. I get it right into the corners of my eyes and around my nose with such ease. I am seriously thinking about getting another one in a much darker shade to use to contour with. Who says it has to be used just for concealing!? 

I love this product. For me.. it works great and I would recommend it to anyone! I will be getting another darker color in the coming weeks and I will be sure to show you how I plan on using it to contour with! 

Have you tried it yet? Do you think this is something you will try!? Let me know what you think! 

Happy Monday! 

K Jaggers

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