Monday Highlights in { Polaroids!! }

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello! I am starting to get sleepy. Its been rather a long day for me. For everyone around here and I am the last one to go to sleep. But I can't complain.. I get to come back home and doze off if I want to. I love the kittys at the top! Too freaking cute! 

So here's my day in 

{ Polaroids!! }

Morning started wayyy to early. I hated hearing my alarm clock. I did warm up the car this morning which made it a little better. I hate hate hate the alarm clock. I don't think its ever going to get easier. 

I got out and did a little shopping. 

I also ran to the post office and CVS. But I was fast.. I was back home 35 minutes later. 

I made a quick food haul vlog.. you can check it out right here if you want! I was just in the mood for something different. 

While I was out I had a loooong conversation with goof ball Brittany! 

She also sent me that adorable picture! I can't believe how fast she is growing up on me. She's a little brat but we still love her very very much!!! She's wayyyyy too cute for her own good! =) It scares me to death!! But so far she's a good girl but I just feel it coming! 

I forgot to get gas while I was out.. and knew that I had 0 miles to empty . So instead of waiting till morning to gas up.. I went right back out...

Gassed up the car and got a movie. This is what it looked like at 6pm. I am so tired of it getting dark so fast. Come on spring!! 

I get home and find out that Jodi Arais took the stand today. This woman is freaking crazy. I don't really want to see her die but she really killed her boyfriend 3 different ways. She stabbed 29 times... cut his throat.. and shot him in the face. IDK.. but that's pretty extreme. She is claiming self defense but she didn't have a mark on her. 

I can't help but to get sucked in to watching trials. I guess that is the law student in me. I love watching cases and but that's where it ends. However this bitch is putting on a show right now. I couldn't believe how detached she seemed. I guess right now its them trying to spare her life at least. So when she was answering questions she was looking at the jury all the time. I guess in hopes that if she kinda makes friends with them.. they won't kill her. The prosecutor is going to eat her alive. I bet she is on the stand for the next couple of days. Now I am really watching it? Are any of you keeping up with it? 

Anyway.. on to better news.. I will make it official tomorrow but here are the two winners of the owl necklace!!!!

Congratulations Allison W. and Rachel S!!! You can see the winners more clearly over in the sidebar! I will be sending out emails tomorrow. Allison gets first pick from the 4 necklaces and Rachel gets her pick from the remainder. I have so much fun with giveaways! I have another one planned really soon!! So just stay tuned and or giveaway for the Kindel Fire is still going on too! Its also in the sidebar too! Hurry and get entered!! 

So for dinner tonight I wanted something different. Since chicken was on sale today.. I went for that.. 

I cut the large breast in half.. grilled them inside.. while the chicken was cooking, I buttered some buns and browned them up.. Once the chicken was done.. I squirted some balsamic glaze on top.. added some cheese over it. It only took a few seconds to make each chicken sandwich and I served it with oven fries. Everyone loved it! 


husby came home very tired and very grumpy. I was a little sad that he was in such a bad mood but I tried to keep him quiet..until he ate dinner and took a shower. He was in bed shortly there after. It does suck that we missed him all day and he came home being a jerk. But we all have bad days.. so I just let it go and hurried his ass to bed. I didn't really let him change my good mood.. I just killed him with kindness and kisses. He had to work late and that meant I was cleaning the kitchen at 10pm which I freaking hate. Who wants to be cleaning that late?? I did a good job.. the kitchen looks amazing. I even mopped. And yes.. it feels better that the kitchen is clean. 

I was very happy when I was able to sneak off to the..

Bath... It was everything I needed. I stayed in there for almost an hour and came out smelling amazing. I used a....

and bubbles too so it was VERY NICE! Loved every minute in there and I also caught up on a little magazine reading! 

Gabby is getting bigger by the day. I am so freaking excited about her having kittys. 

A little later I plan on taking her in for an xray to tell me how many kittys to expect. Believe me.. it makes it easier. I am also going to be bringing in the birthing box in the coming days too. I want her to start to get use to it. Problem is.. all the cats are going to want to check it out. There is  love in the air around here... spring babies! Wooooooooooo-hoooooooooo!!! 

Its late..

and somehow I need to get to sleep. I don't feel that tired right now but staying up just makes me feel worse. So I am going to give it a try. 

And don't forget.. Ask the Housewife is coming up again!! 

Just use this form and your questions will come right in. Honestly.. it doesn't matter if you use your name or not. I will never use it. These have become so fun. Its a way to give you guys the chance to ask me what you wish.. nothing is off limits! It can be anything from marriage, kids, cats, household, blogging, just ask away and I will be sure to get your question answered! I will try to have this up over this coming weekend.. so you still have time to send in your questions. =)

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I wish you all a 


K Jaggers
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  1. nice post! neat Polaroids. i am over from the thirsty for comments blog hop! my blog:

  2. I love Alexia Sweet Potato fries! I just discovered them recently. I hate cleaning the kitchen, but so love, love, love, a clean kitchen! I love your photos.

  3. What a great post. Sounds like my day but without the kids - and hmm a lush bath. I might nip some chocolate into mine though.

    How late did you go to bed? Was that 2:30am - or my bad eyesight?

    Great photos too.
    Thanks for sharing your day.

    Visiting from Thirsty for Comments - thank you for linking up

  4. Ahhh busy day, but I know how that feels, I was just thinking about posting a day in the life of... funny how I came across your post!! I love your polaroids:)


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