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Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Morning to you all! I don't know about you.. but I need a lot of help in the morning hours!! I have to remind myself every early morning... that I am blessed to be alive and awake. And believe me, waking up and feeling happy and blessed is not an easy for me. I am normally a super grump in the morning hours. I got to sleep at a reasonable hour last night so I am not too tired today. Dozing back off does sound pretty good to me though! And maybe I will!!! I feel like I have so much time with all the long hours husby is working. He doesn't even get home till after 8. So I don't get in a hurry like I use to. Now I can take my own time but we miss him so much.

I don't know what today holds. I was hoping to stay home all day but I am going to have to go out and get Gabby some more food. I didn't realize we were close to being out otherwise I would have got it yesterday. That seems to be the only errand I will have to run today. Besides that.. I am just staying home and working around the house. I need to vacuum the house and clean Jacksons room today. I still have all that fish food to clean up. Thankfully husby took the vacuum apart from top to bottom yesterday... fixed it.. and cleaned it so its working great now.. Thank goodness! If we don't have a working vacuum around our house, we would be in serious trouble! I am putting off buying a new one until I just have no choice. Scott suggested I just go buy a really nice and charge it. Ummmmm... NOOOOOOOOO!!! I am not about to make a ton of payments for something I can just get at Walmart. But we are still holding on to our old one! Thank you baby for fixing it again!

Well I am going to get a refill on my coffee and try to figure out what the day holds. It might be a quick nap until about lunchtime. But I might get up and get busy too. Who knows!

I hope you have a great day! I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers

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