Late Night Hellooooo!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Its late and I should be in bed but I am just getting where I can settle down and relax.. so I figured I would blog for a few minutes before I drift off to dream land! (:  The entire house is sound asleep. They have been for hours. It makes me feel so good when everyone is in for the night. I wish Brittany and Zane was here too. But the boys are sleeping like babies. I stayed up and got a lot of stuff done.

I pretty much devoted today to 

Shopping.. and I did make a can check it out here..

And the rest of my day went to..

Cleaning the house. Its unbelievable the amount of shit we have around here. And its not anything important either. So I got busy.. I threw so much crap away.. Scott is going to die when he sees how much garbage we have. And there is still tons more junk that we just need to trash. We don't need it anyway. 

I did all kinds of work around here from 

Sweeping the house.. Cleaning 2 of the 3 bathrooms.. I mean I seriously cleaned it up.. Under the sinks, the walls.. baseboards.. everything.. but will have to work on the boys bathroom tomorrow. I just didn't want to do 3 in 1 day. 

I also cleaned out the frig too. We had tons of left overs that Super Cooper helped finish off tonight. I made a quick dinner.. 

and cleaned up the kitchen even more. I was exhausted at this point.. So I rested for a while.. and then started working on my closet. I took about 2 hours and really cleaned and organized it. I still have a lot to do with the clothes but its much better now. 

And now the glow of the candles lights the way around a clean house....which is super nice! 


I won't lie.. there is still a lot left to do. I don't think I will ever get the house the way I want it.. and if I actually do make that won't last. But I am throwing out a bunch of crap. I am done packing around shit that we never use.. that just takes up room in our house. 

Tomorrow sometime I plan on getting Scotts bathroom cleaned up. I put all the supplies in there so it will be easy to start. However.. I bet the house stays quiet till after noon. Everyone will sleep in and I can promise you at 1pm we will still be in our pjs. 

I do have some errands to go run with Scott tomorrow. We need to go to the Dollar Store and I was thinking we could go to Lowes.. and I am making beef stew. Perfect for these cold wet days. Scott and I  haven't seen much of each other this past week.. a couple of hours alone shpping would be really nice! He is sleeping in the spare room tonight because he is snoring like a bear. I know hes really tired and I think if we are sleeping in separate beds, we will both get better sleep. Every morning we don't sleep together, he always comes and craws in my bed in the am... its pretty sweet! ♥ I don't have any updates on Zane. I am kinda thankful that we are not on that long car ride right now. But I hope he is ok and I hope he still comes to stay. 

It was rather a productive day for me...shocking!  How was your day? Did you accomplish everything on your to do list!? I still have more to do. But first I need sleep! 



K Jaggers
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