It's Ok Thursday!

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday Friends! Time for another.. It's Ok Thursday! 

Its ok that yesterday I was feeling horrible. Thankfully I got some rest and feeling better!
Its ok that it still sucked waking up early today! But Jackson was in a good mood which put a smile on my face bright and early this morning!
Its ok that I have a lot to do today. I have to go to the market and pick up a few groceries.. need to run by CVS and I also need to pay some bills too. Yuck!
Its ok that I am still dying for spring to get here. If Scott is making me stay in this state.. spring could at least hurry up!
Its ok that I am not so fond of the American Idol finalist. Hopefully the guys are better tomorrow. I find it just ok at this point.
Its ok that the kitchen needed mopped today but I totally put that on this weekends to do list.
Its ok that this month has just flew by. Time passes so fast anymore.. why is that?

Its ok that those yappy dogs have been barking for hours on end. I don’t understand what is going through their heads. Do they not realize that those little flea bags are waking up the entire neighborhood?

Its ok that we still don’t have kittens yet.. but they will be here any day! Super Super Excited!

Its ok that I am still hunting for some new video editing software. Nothing stands out to me at this point.. Do you have any recommendations?
Its ok that I didn’t make any of the beds yesterday. Nope.. I didn’t see the point with husby home. Because he was in bed all da off and on napping!
Its ok that Brandon has still not heard anything from the military. He is getting a little worried though. He wants to join and just waiting on them to say ok!
Its ok that I really didn’t make desk time this week.. grrrrr.. In our home if I don’t keep the mail sorted.. papers filed.. and desk cleaned off.. things get out of hand superfast. I wonder who else has family desk problems!?
Its ok that Jacksons progress report came in.. He is doing good in everything but math. Its hard to get mad at him when I see him trying. I suck at math.. so maybe I am not the best tutor!

Have a great day!

K Jaggers
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