Friday Letters

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Body, I wake up to you aching every day. Guess that is a sign I am getting older.. its sucks.. Please work right in the mornings! Dear Romeo,  I am pretty sure you meowed all night long. WTF? Thankfully my sleep meds knocked me out and I was able to fall back to sleep fast. You’re a shit! Actually… Dear all  Jaggers Family Kitty Cats, you are all getting bathed and groomed this weekend. Prepare your kitty selves! Dear Scott, Hummmmmm….I guess I shouldn’t say what I am thinking right now but I love you. Dear Jackson, I wish I could have let you skipped school today. But you have already missed enough days. I would have loved nothing more than a Jackson and mommy day but we have to wait until the weekend. Learn something today! Dear New York Friends.. I hope you guys all stay warm up there! However I know that the city will look amazing covered in snow! Dear Mom, I haven’t been able to keep up with you lately! You are staying so busy that you are making me tired! Dear Court TV, you totally sucked me in this week. I am still shocked over the Jodi Arais case. I can’t believe that little woman did so much damage to that man. Strrrraaaaannngggeeee….Dear Brandon, You really are a sweetheart. Sorry I didn’t eat with you last night. Believe me.. I saved a big fight because I was ready strangle husby.. not really but you know what I mean! Dear House, I promise I am going to hire a maid for you if I can’t get my shit together. We could really use the help around here! Dear Neighborhood Parent, I don’t know how we are always together every morning dropping the kids off at school. Maybe we should take turns! Dear Sleep, you were good last night but I am still tired. Why is that? Guess we just leave at the same time.. IDK! Dear Bedroom, I can’t believe we still haven’t found the right furniture for you..=( Believe me.. we are looking and want a change! Dear Florida, speaking of changes. Please come on. I hate North Carolina and don’t want to be stuck here any longer than necessary! Dear Brittany, You have no idea how much you are missed. I just want to hug and kiss you over and over! Come home princess! Dear God, Please give me the strength to cope with all the bullshit I face on a daily basis. I do my best to hold my temper but there are days I am tested..and I don’t do so well. I hope you can hear my prayers to you and know that I need your help more often than not. Please keep protecting my family. Dear Readers, you guys are awesome. I am trying to come up with a great prize for a giveaway when I reach 500 GFC followers. I have never been one to worry about those #’s but its nice to make new friends! So if you have any suggestions.. let me know. Right now I am thinking I will do 5 of my favorite items.. but its not in stone. So if you have a giveaway suggestion.. head over to my and drop me a line! Each one of you reading this puts a smile on my face.. thank you.♥

Hope you have a beautiful Friday! 

K Jaggers
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