Friday Letters!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday Friends! Time for some Friday Letters! 

Dear Friday, you are starting off right… we are getting to sleep in! God knows I need more days like these!  

Dear Scott, I miss you. I hate you working so much. Why can’t we just win the lottery and travel together? Thank you for the gift you brought me home last night. It was super thoughtful and I love you very much.

Dear Romeo, You are seriously going to be banned to the garage if you don’t stop waking up the whole house meowing. We love you but shut the hell up!!

Dear Jackson, You are the cutest ever. I do wish you would stop playing on the xbox so much. It can’t be good for your eyes and you seriously need some fresh air.

Dear Fancy little Phone, I don’t know how I delete apps on the home pages. You are a total mess.. It makes me feel disorganized. I just wish I had a current picture of my screen. Believe me it helps.. Do you guys ever delete apps off your phone without knowing it? Its sooooooo annoying!

Dear Gabby, The kittens will be here soon! You are getting huge and I am so excited.

Dear Brittany Belle, I am sorry you not here. I am also sorry your dad is not giving you what you want. But he’s your father and you need his permission. Deal with it.

Dear Diamond Ring, Happy you are back on my finger. It took longer than expected but I missed you. You walked down the aisle with me and I want you on my finger for the rest of my life.

Dear TV, we have a lot of catching up to do.. My DVR is so full. For some reason there hasn’t seemed like there has been enough hours in the day. Come on summer.

Dear Laundry, You are caught up..which is amazing!!!!! I am just enjoying it because it won’t last long!

Dear Grandma, You sound so much happier now! I am glad you are doing better and I am glad I can talk to you more now. I love you.

Dear Brandon, Thanks for being a sweet kid. You do everything we ask I hope the Military hurries up. I know how badly you want to go!

Dear Bedroom closet, we really need to spend sometime together. Its like you are part closet, part office, part storage, and its time to get things moved around and organized. I really just need to donate a lot of items and also throw a lot of things out. Tons and Tons of work.

Dear Mom, I love you.. You are staying so busy.. but I know you are addicted to the Jodi Arias trail too. Its addicting isn’t it!? 

Dear Blogging Friends, Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails. I promise I will be responding to each of them this weekend. You guys are the greatest. I love getting to know each one of you too… so you can always leave me a comment with the link to your blog in the comments so I can come say hi! (:

I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 


K Jaggers

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