Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale...[ Video Chat ]

Monday, February 18, 2013

Helloooo! So did you watch the Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale last night!? It was awesome .. and today I am sharing my thoughts with you guys! 

This is a British Period Drama that follows the Crawley family and their servants. Now this post is going to be a spoiler if you haven't watched the finale yet.. So STOP HERE and wait to read this post until you have watched it!

Here is my video chat and post is below! 

First off.. this jumps a year.. So from last week to this week.. a year has passed! So the family takes off to the Scottish Highlands which is a beautiful change of scenery.

Its pretty much for the guys to go stalking/hunting while the ladies visit and gossip! 

Lady Mary is pregnant.. 

And in this finale you meet.. 

Shrimpie and his wife Susan. Both Robert and Cora appreicate their marriage because - Shrimpie - and his wife fight all the time. They prove to have a very hard marriage. 

Then there is the ball. We also have the daughter of Shrimpie and Susan..

Rose.. And Rose is a young beautiful woman with a wild side. She is pretty much rebelling against the strict harsh mother she has. Even 

Violet ( Maggie Smith ) can see how the young girl is being treated when she comes down dressed for the ball in something her mother doesn't like and ends up calling her a slut. Well Violet politely says..

" No one can accuse me of being modern but even I can see its not crime to be young! "

At the ball.. Lady Mary starts to feel tired and realizes she must return home.. But urging Matthew to stay otherwise if he follows.. the entire family will think something is wrong and will cut their vacation short. So she returns to Downton Abbey with only Anna. When they were getting off the train.. Lady Mary knows something is happening even though she is only 8 months along. She heads to the hospital and sends word to her husband that she is in labor. 

A few minutes later..

A new Downton Heir has been born! So Lady Mary has a healthy son and the delivery goes fine. Matthew gets word and heads straight to the hospital. He meets his son and a few minutes later he is killed in a car wreck..

YES.. KILLED! I guess this is the only way to take him out of the show all together. Because it wasn't really possible to have him just walk out on her. Its not in his DNA and dying was a way he could get out of the show. However.. no telling what the writers will do next re Matthew. It was said that Dan Stevens wanted to leave Downton Abbey for bigger projects. Its weird because Matthew and Mary could never get as happy as they wanted. And its to be said that in season 4 there will be a new love interest for Mary.. Hummm... hopefully they let some time pass first! 

So those were the two biggest moments last night. 

Mary giving birth to a son who is the heir of Downton Abbey 


Matthew dying after meeting his son for the first time. 

But there is still more.. 

You know that lady Sybil died this season too leaving her husband and daughter to figure out things on their own. Branson use to be a driver but became a gentleman when he married Sybil.  When she was in labor.. she died leaving Branson to care for the baby on his own. He has stayed at Downton Abbey for the childs first year.. but is now finding problems knowing where to fit in...either with the family or the servants. He's having big issues with upstairs vs downstairs. 

Carson - the head of the servants - was in a very chipper mood taking care of Bransons baby girl and he was also happy over Lady Mary having her baby. He is showing to be a very good " grampa" to the young babies! It was really cute watching him last night! 

Thomas was a little better this week..

You know the jerk servant who stirs up so much trouble. He got caught last week coming on to one of his male servant friend - Jimmy -  who did not appreciate it.. And Thomas almost lost his job. This week he was beaten badly.. and now Jimmy is being kind to him. Wonder what will come of Thomas. I could only imagine how hard it would have been to be gay back in that time.. Should be interesting to see what happens with this character! 

Also a new romance might be sparking up between..

Dr. Clarkson and Cousin Isobel. They talked a lot and then had dinner together last night and now Cousin Isobel is going to have to deal with loosing her son. She is going to need someone to help her and I think Dr. Clarkson might just be the right man for the job.

Also Anna and Mr. Bates

are happy as ever! He is out of prison and have rejoined the family. I expect Anna to get pregnant next season too!

Now on to Lady Edith. 

She tends to go for older men.. much older men and now she has a new suitor. She is working at a newspaper.. which is a lot of drama for her family and her editor is falling in love with her.. But there is a problem.. he is already married to a crazy lady who stays in the mental hospital. So how far can this relationship go? I don't see Lady Edith being anyone's mistress. Again.. interesting! 

And we also saw Miss Patmore getting all dolled up for

a man who she thought adored her. But there is a problem here too. She came to realize that he is a womanizer and was happy to get rid of him.

So much going on with this family and its servants. They always stay so busy!! The ending was just as it should be. It was dramatic, loving, romantic, sad, funny, and extremely addicting! I can't wait for season 4 to come back and tell us what is going on!  I don't know if I can wait  6 or 8 months for a new series of shows!

This show is sooooooooo good and I love it!

If you watched it last night.. let me know what you think!


K Jaggers
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