A Crowing Alarm Clock, Fighting Kitty Cats, Laughing Kids, a Singing Husband and a Thunderstorm.→ Good Morning! ←

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good morning.. actually good WET morning. I woke up to thunderstorms this morning. Serious thunderstorms.. you know where you should get up and get some candles because the kids are yelling that the electric is flashing. Well.. I didn't get the candles. I stayed in my warm bed as long as I could. But it was short lived because when husby came and kissed me goodbye...all the cats run in and they must have thought it was playtime.. They were jumping all over the bed.. growling.. hissing.. Perfect right. Somehow, I manged to doze back off being I had about 25 more minutes of POSSIBLE sleep. Yes I said possible because after about 5 minutes my alarm was crowing.... and a 10 year old little boy was standing outside my door Laughing. I thought he was just being cute little Jackson but he was laughing because he got a hold of my phone yesterday and switched my alarm to 20 minutes sooner. WTF!? He thought it was so funny.. but I still tried going back to sleep. This time my husband called to make sure I was up and he starts singing in the phone. At this point.. I just hung it up and got out of the bed. Jackson was still being funny and loving that he was able to pull one over on me. Guess that's what I get for not checking the alarm before I fell to sleep last night. 

Speaking of last night.. I was so tired and got a headache. So instead of blogging.. I took some sleep meds and was asleep by 1am. Maybe that's why I am handling all the morning Jaggers Family Drama with a smile instead of screaming! I did get Jackson to school and got back home and now I am back in my comfy bed . Its pouring down... thundering.. and I think today is perfect for either sleeping in or being lazy. Brandon is home with me today and he's still asleep too. I don't have any idea how he was able to sleep through the events of this morning but he did. LUCKY GUY! I don't know if I am going back to sleep or not but I am going to be lazy for most of the day. Scott is doing a big super sale at work and he didn't get home till 9 last night. Thankfully I just set up

a mini taco bar and he was able to help himself and have a fast late dinner. Who likes eating dinner at 9pm? I think it sucks but it made him feel better going to sleep with a full stomach. He will be working those hours all week which SUCKS! But he's happy being there selling a lot of cars and making a lot of money so.. we will just deal with it for a week. Thankfully Jackson is out of school on Friday for teachers day so husby is off the hook. He gets one morning a week to do the carpool and normally its on Fridays. Well thankfully I still get to sleep in this Friday even if husby is working!

Well we are back in court ( ha! on TV!! ) for the Jodi Arais trial. Are you guys keeping up with it? I guess it's just me but I am so interested about what says about killing him. Her memory has been extremely detailed.. I mean who remembers when they stopped at Starbucks in 2007???????????? I mean this woman remembers the kind of coffee she had too. Shit.. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. I hope she gets to it today because 7 days is enough of her rambling on about all her exboyfriends and her family. Soooo I am sure it will be on the tvs around here today. 

Well I have rambled on long enough too.. Time for a coffee refill! 

Have a great day! 


K Jaggers

4 comments on "A Crowing Alarm Clock, Fighting Kitty Cats, Laughing Kids, a Singing Husband and a Thunderstorm.→ Good Morning! ←"
  1. That is too funny about him changing your alarm clock. Hell my kids used to do that to me but it still didn't work. I could sleep through a tornado.

  2. Goodness that sounds like a chaotic start to the day! I'm impressed you handled it with a smile. Haha

  3. What a sneaky little guy you've got there! Haha.

  4. @ Trina.. Sneaky little kids!! haaha!

    @ Amanda.. I am suprised too. Normally I would not have handled it so well!

    @ Adrienne.. yes.. very sneaky! And he better not do it again!


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