Comfortably Lazy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well its one of those days many wish for. My husband and I are alone in the house being as lazy and as comfortable as we want! The kids would be so jealous right now if they could see us! And Scott said the sweetest thing earlier.. 

" You have no idea how unbelievably sexy you are with that sweater hanging off your shoulder. " 

He always says such sweet things to me. Mind you.. my hair is a total mess and I am not all cleaned up. I put on some moisturizer and brushed my teeth but thats about it! If I plan on getting anything done today, I am going to have to clean up more than this. I am still on coffee so I am not ready to do anything yet! Thankfully Scott let me sleep today and woke me up just in time for the Jodi Arias trial. Actually Scott realized that they were starting early and knew I wouldn't want to miss it! So husby is right here beside me watching Jodi do great on the stand. I know people can't stand it when I say that but she really is likable if you watch her long enough. 

We don't have any plans today. We are laying around the house doing our own thing just being lazy. I might try to get husby to do a few home repairs while he is home but I will need lots of luck to make that stuff happen today!  

We still don't have kittens today. ): But her stomach is as hard as a rock.. and that normally happens at the beginning of the first stages of labor. They will get stiff and line up down her back so they can easily move through the birthing canal. It won't be long! I kinda wish it would happen today while Scott is home but I just want it to happen when they are ready to enter our world! But it would be nice if it happened when he was here. 

Husby did save the morning for me and didn't make me get up to take Jackson to school! Normally that is my only request. I hate waking up early and anytime I can get some help with getting Jackson to school.. I take it! Mornings are never easy for me like they are Scott. He wakes up happy and is the kind of guy who sings in the morning shower. Yea.. we are total opposites. There will NEVER been any singing in the mornings for me! 

Well I need to try to get cleaned up while watching this damn trial. I also have a few videos that I will be making today that will either pop up later tonight or tomorrow. 

I hope you guys all have a wonderful day! 

K Jaggers

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