Come Shopping with Me!! { Video }

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I had to go out and do some shopping today and I decided to take you guys along with me! 

( BTW.. the picture above is from a different trip! ) 

I got in and out.. 

Loaded up the car..

And headed home.. 

Here's the video.. and there are pictures below! 

I didn't do much shopping but got enough to get us through for a few days..

I also got some new kitty cat food. This is fresh food that has to be refrigerated.. 

I got this which is kinda like kibble.. 

And then these little cups of food..

I then got some of Gabby's favorites..

Thankfully I did because so far all the cats are turning their noses up to the fresh food. FIGURES.. (: But maybe after a few days they will feel different about it. I plan on doing a full review later. 

After I got home.. I got the refrigrator cleaned out.. That was a huge job but I feel so much better now. I got everything put away and even made a quick dinner. 

Now I am working on cleaning the downstairs bathroom during commercials! Little by little.. 


K Jaggers

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