Cold Weekend { Video }..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Saturday Friends! I never start anything.. from waking up.. to coffee ... to blogging fast on the weekends. Its a really cold day here so I am staying indoors as much as I can....taking it easy!

I love having my bed right beside the window. Jackson climbed in bed with me early this morning and told me that my nose was cold..and then he said.. your entire face is cold mom! Sleeping by the widow does make feel cooler but its also nice to roll over...pull open the binds and look out and see what the day is giving you.  For us around here in the Jaggers house.. the day has brought us snow flurries. They are not very strong right now but you can see the snowflakes falling. Perfect huh!? I was just hoping for spring type weather and instead God gives me SNOW!! I just called Brandon to ask him to pick me something up on his way home and he said its not too bad outside. Sure. Its freaking cold out there because its freezing inside!

Here's a fast video of ....SNOW!

I stayed up wayyyyy to late last night. I was trying to get my calender updated. I might do a updated video in the coming weeks too! I need to focus today on menu planning and get the grocery list done. I should be going today but again.. I just want to stay in my warm cozy house.. so its going to have to wait till tomorrow.

Speaking of the house.. I have my work cut out for me. Its messy and I seriously need to get it cleaned up. I am still trying to get the vacuum fixed. I need husby to work his magic on it and get it running better. His solution is to just go buy a new one. BUT.. I like to make things last as long as possible so I want him to fix or tomorrow. If you are reading this baby....Pleeeeeeeaaassssee fix the damn vacuum. We need it!!

Its been a really lazy start to the day. I seriously need to get my ass up and get dressed.. put on some makeup.. clean up the house.. Gosh..I could give a shit less right now. Its nice just sitting here! My phone has rang all morning long. I have talked to 5 people already so its proving to be quiet the social day! =)

I hope you guys have a great weekend! I am going to get motivated to do something productive today!

I hope you are staying warm and having a beautiful day!

And BTW... the snow is coming down even stronger now. WOW...


K Jaggers

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