Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is it ever going to warm up and get pretty again!? It seems like its not anyway.. Its cold and rainy here tonight. Its suppose to rain all day tomorrow too. YUCK! 

Not much went on around here today. It was pretty uneventful. Jackson got home from school and we had some fun playing

the Monopoly Card Game..

which he won!! Then it was homework time and tonight I was kinda happy that it didn't require too much of my time. Jackson went ahead and did it on his own and I got to take a break! However tomorrow we have to get ready for his big spelling test and get a bunch of stuff finished up. 

For dinner.. I wasn't really in the mood to cook but I got in the kitchen and 

made a simple pork chop dinner. It was easy and good.. All the boys enjoyed it and it makes me happy that they all enjoyed it. But to be very honest.. I would have settled for cereal instead! I just wasn't in the mood to cook but I did. 

Scott was in a great mood tonight.. which made the entire house 

Its amazing how that mans attitude decides how the entire house is going to be. He really is the glue that holds everything together around here. Its a lot of responsibility to live with but he does a great job at taking care us. He does everything he can outside the home to make our life great and I am suppose to do everything inside the house to make life great for us. So that means I need to get off my lazy ass tomorrow and get things in order around here!

Well I am taking my sleepy self to bed! 

Hope you had a great Wednesday! 

K Jaggers

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