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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Welcome to another series of 

Ask the

About once a month or so I open up the blog for any questions you may want to ask me.. Nothing is off limits...You can ask me anything! You can ask me about blogging, kitty cats, marriage, family, etc.. You name it.. and I will answer it! 

If you would like to join up for next months Ask The Housewife just click right HERE and send in your questions on the easy form! And I keep everything confidential.. I don't list names of who sent in the questions!! So go ahead and ask me anything you want! 

Here are today's questions and answers! 

Do you ever feel that staying home as a wife and mother is the wrong decision? I don’t know how you do it, its driving me crazy! 

No.. not too often! Home is where I am happiest at. However, there are days when I think that an outside job would be better than taking care of our house! I live with 3 boys right now and in the summer it will be 4 boys ( maybe 3 if Brandon goes into the military ) and a little girl.. so we have a full house and they all make a lot of messes! 

How long have you been breeding cats and how much money do you make at it? 

I have been doing it a couple of years now. I can't really give you a hard number on what I make. It would be hard to figure out how much I actually spend on the cats and everything they need. I would have to figure that out and then take the profits from the kittens to get the right number. One thing I will tell you is.. its not cheap. We pay for food, litter, toys, grooming tools, vet care, etc. .... and I sell the kittens for $300 - $500 each. On the last litter.. I was in Mexico so they were born in the vets office. so there was a cost involved with that too. Raising kittens is not as easy as everyone assumes. You really need to make friends with a seasoned breeder that can help you. There are lots of things that come up that you will have to figure out first. Remember.. its not about the money.. at least for me it's not. Its about the love of the breed and about the love of the kitty cats. 

I know you dye your hair yourself. what color do you use because I love it! 

Honestly.. I couldn't tell you that! I pretty much pick a new color every month! You just have to find a color that YOU love! I am seriously thinking about trying out this new

Ombre kit! 

Is that girl still bothering you? My daughter is dealing with a bully and I just don’t know how to make it stop. 

This is not the only question I got this month about this subject but I am only answering it once.. ( sorry if you don't see your stalker question. )
Simple Answer.. So yes.. she is always going to bother me because she wants my life. The more complex answer is.. I am not going to waste one more minute of my time with this crazy bitch. Nope. I will not talk about her unless I just have to. If you want to know more.. all you have to do is google Angie Harshey and it will bring up all my old posts and plenty of new things about her. I just refuse to let her bother me. She can contact all the bloggers she wants.. she can make as many blogs that she wants.. I don't give a shit.  And I will not waste my time on such trash. 

How do you get products for review? 

A lot of times, I buy the products myself and do the reviews. Sometimes companies send me products to test out and review and other times if I really like something I will contact the company and see if they will do some kind of giveaway if I love it. All they can say is no.. so you should just ask! 

How did you disable right clicking? I have a lot of content stolen and I would love to do it on my blog.

I just followed something I found on google. There is tons of information out there to help you. I just took it off because a lot of my bloggy friends were wanting to share coupons and freebies.. and they couldn't. So its off now! 

What happened to the alter ego blog? I loved it!!

That blog came down because I found that crazy stalker bitch was bringing out the worse in me. I am not like that and I am not going to let her bring me to that place. I want to bring a smile to your faces.. not just get on here and rant! 

Can you husband help find me a car at a reasonable price when I get my taxes back?

Maybe.. if you are willing to drive here. If you are serious.. you can email me! 

Who did you blog design? 

I did.. and it was pretty easy! 

Kisha, are you still smoking? I am worried about your health.

Thanks for your concern.. and yes I am still smoking. Hoping to quit this year!

What is your all-time favorite drugstore foundation? 

Boy.. that's a hard one.. I would have to say my all time favorite would have to be

because it really does hold up well in heat.. and it lasts all day but I also love the

too. Revlon gets it right a lot with their foundations! I actually need a new Colorstay Whipped jar of foundation.. which I will hopefully get soon!

Why does your daughter still live with her dad? How do you cope with that? 

She likes her school and friends. I hate her being there but when she is ready she will move in here with the rest of us! 

What is your favorite android app?

Instagram for sure! =)  

I am looking for an older cat for a companion for the cat I do have. Do you have any older cats for sale and when is the next litter due? 

 I don't have an older cat for sale. These are our pets so generally we keep all the adults. But the next round of kittens should be available sometime in early summer.. Beginning to middle of June! You can always check out my kitty website here and go ahead and fill out a application if you are interested! They go super fast!  

Who is Michael and why are you so upset with him? 

Hummmmm.. I didn't really want to post this question but I said I would answer anything. Michael was a close friend of ours that lived with us on and off for a couple of years. I am not happy with the decisions he has made and while they are his decisions... and he is allowed to make them.. I don't have to sit around at watch what he does. I really don't talk to him anymore because of his girlfriend who is paranoid  for him to be around here because I am friends with Michaels ex girlfriend. Silly I know but I don't really worry about them anymore. 

I am not sure how to do a giveaway on my blog. Can you tell me how you do it?

I like to use to set it all up. This keeps you from having to sort through and pick out a winner on your own.. which is really hard! You have to pick a prize you would like to give away and spread the word! 

What nickname does you husband use for you? What nickname do you call him?

 He calls me baby.. I call him either by his name - Scott - or sometimes when hes bad.. I call him asshole! =)

I know you said you just put google friend connect on your blog this past year. How did you get so many new followers so fast?

First off.. the numbers really don't mean that much. GFC only works with google blogs. The numbers will always go up and go down. My #'s on my email followers is much larger than the GFC. And what you have to do is sign up on blog hops.. make friends with other bloggers.. leave comments.. and network. 

Are you still moving to Florida!? I live in saint pete and would love to meet up sometime! 

Yes.. but my husband thinks we will be here a bit longer.. which makes me sad!  But he likes his job and that means a lot. 

How do you manage to blog and still get things done around the house? I struggle with finding balance. 

I don't always manage my time well. Some days I let the house go..and some days the blog suffers! I try to find balance but its not always so easy. I just do the best I can! 

I need to know how to make a blog button. Can you help? 

Yes.. but I can't explain it right now.. maybe I will do a post soon showing you how! 

Are you going to have any more children?

Hell No. I am done! I have a beautiful family but I don't want any more kids.

Thank you all for sending in your questions. I love answering them and I look forward to next months round up! 


K Jaggers

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