A Calm Night..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

You know.. some days are better than others. Some nights are better than others.. but thankfully for me.. I have MANY more good nights than bad ones. Last night I wasn't so happy at this time. I was tossing and turning in bed.. even though I shut the computer and turned the lights off around 1130. It sucked not being able to sleep. It sucked arguing with husby last night.. I was just plain tired. When I finally did fall asleep around 5am.. I slept like shit.. Dreamed about my grandmother who has moved yet again.. and woke up thinking about Scott.

He did take Jackson to school today. But we still were pretty pissy with each other through out the day...which made me kinda sad. My husband means everything to me and its really hard to stay mad at him. Its was silly actually. I just have so many sleep problems that I really want him to take Jackson to school. And when he says he will do it.. I hold him to it. Guess I got to lighten up when something changes and he can't. I don't deal with change that well! =) And when I mark something on the calender... I don't like to change it!

But husby came home.. and we had a long talk and enjoyed the night together. I guess no marriage would grow without your occasional argument but I sure didn't like it. Glad tonight everything was back to normal. We had dinner together and I made a homemade potato salad that was freaking AMAZING.

My grandmother Watteau use to make this all the time and I have always loved it.. but tonight it tasted so good.

I served it up with a

pork bbq sandwich that I made from the left over ribs. It was a pretty tasty dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.. even my picky eater!

Scott and I laid around watched tv for a while and tried to unwind from everything.. and it was nice. I am hoping that tonight I am going to get some sleep because I just took a couple more sleep meds than normal and I hope and pray in the next 30 minutes I am sleeping like a baby. But all bets are off because I just don't sleep good. 4 hours a night is just not enough.

So I hope tomorrow I wake up feeling refreshed and better. I also need to make a little more effort to show my husband that I do really really love him.. even on days when I could ring his neck!

I know I didn't get a lot of blogging done today but I will try to make up for it over the weekend!

Fingers crossed for SLEEP!


K Jaggers
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