** Yawn **

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good - sleepy - morning! I just got back from taking Jackson to school. The alarm was set to go off at 720 and at 718 I woke up and seriously laid right back down for my remaining 2 minutes of sleep. How many of you do that???? I know I can't be the only one! Its pretty serious for me to get up. Scott leaves the house about 30-45 minutes before I get up and Jackson has told me many times.. If I don't wake up on time.. he's not going to wake me.. instead he is going to go back to bed. He has never missed school because I woke up late. He missed the first day back after Christmas break because I seriously got the dates mixed up but I just know if I don't wake up for some reason. that little shit is going right back to bed and hoping I sleep in late! So I have been trying to get to bed at a reasonable time just to be sure I get up out of my warm cozy bed on time. Today it seemed harder for some reason. Thank goodness it was a little warmer this morning. I need to bath and groom the kitty cats but I am waiting until Saturday because its suppose to be 74!!! I don't want to bath them in the cold and get them sick so happy for the warmer day. Speaking of things I need to do.. here's some of today's to do list... 

Clean and Scoop all 3 cat boxes.. Yuck.
Work on Florida Inspiration Wall . =)
Vacuum he entire house. Yuck.
Get Brittanys UGGS sent off to get another size. =)
I need to seriously wipe down the kitchen cabinets ..Yuck
Put Laundry up. Yuck.
Quickly wipe down the frig. Yuck
Try to make the Avon Video =) 
Dust living room. Yuck
Email a girlfriend who is waiting on my reply. =)
Organize spice cabinet for Wednesday Organization. Yuck
Make some phone calls.. =) and Yuck

Looks like I will be doing mostly - Yuck - stuff today but I can't complain really because I get to be home. I know so many women who would love to be home as I am so I am grateful for that alone. I don't have to do any of the stuff above on a schedule and I don't really HAVE to do any of it.  But since my husband gives me this beautiful life.. I like to try to give him a beautiful home to come to. But believe me.. its not always beautiful around here. There are plenty of nights when the house is a mess but I can't stand that for too long. It just drives me crazy! 

I have been staying up after taking Jackson to school which is a huge improvement but I don't really accomplish that much more because I am up early. I sit around drink coffee, eat toast and watch the news and all the early daytime shows. However.. today might be different. I might just lay back in a few and doze back off.  Yep.. I just might. I love my family.. but I also love my alone time. Brandon was home all day yesterday.. Scott will be home all day Thursday. So I better enjoy today while I can!  I will love spending the day with Scott but I have to get a few things done first because when husby is home.. it seems next to impossible to get anything done except hang out with him.  ♥

Well.. I am taking my ass back to the coffee pot and going to either try to really wake up or go back to bed.
Not sure what I will decide but 

coffee first! 

Have a great day!

K Jaggers

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