Waking up thinkin'...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Good morning to you all! I hope you slept well and are waking up to a fresh start to the week feeling good! I am still waking up to be honest. I am on my second cup of coffee with a ton of thoughts..

* Wish I could have woke up with my husband today. I haven't been without him for an hour yet and I miss him.

* It was super cold this morning. I hate cold weather.. and I have the fireplace going full force warming this place up.

* Every morning I kiss my son goodbye when he gets out of the car for school and say a prayer.. out loud.. asking for God to protect him. Every Morning. I worry about my kids every waking moment when they are not with me.

* Going through the bills makes me realize all the great luxury's come with a price. Tv $300 a month. Cell phones x4 $300 a month...and we always have a high water bill.. $100 a month.. MAKES ME SICK but not sick enough to change anything. - Sigh -.

* Watching my husband take time to go get a puzzle with Jackson and then sit there with him for hours putting it together.. made my heart melt.

* Don't really like the coffee.. review coming up.

* Breeding cats is freaking work and not so easy. When a female goes in heat, the MEOW ALL NIGHT LONG.. and the male gets loud too. You can walk into any room at any given time and find some cats getting it on... but I try to lock them up as much as possible. Waiting...Waiting..Waiting..for kittens.

* Seriously thinking about moving the couches in the living room. Yep.. might just do that today.

* Seriously need to paint my nails.

* Got to get up and get dinner in the crockpot. Crockpot Lasagna night. I think it will be good. You do have to brown the hamburger first but that will only take a few minutes. Wasn't that new crockpot a great gift from Scott. Seriously love that man.

* Trying to get this Florida move planned out. Its seriously hard work trying to figure out how and when.

* Still have a stack of paperwork waiting on me. I think we need a huge file cabinet because we always have a ton of shit that we have to keep. I don't know where to put it all! Plus I get samples in all the time. Yea.. need a better filing system.

* Sorry I am not on Twitter more.. going to try to work on that!

* Loving my hair color at the moment.. plan on doing a post on it sometime this week.

* Errands today are basically only for the cats. The cats seriously rule the roost around here. Right now they staring right at me wanting me to feed them breakfast. Thank goodness they are only Persian cats because they surround me like a pack of wolves. They can wait a few minutes!

* I love Headline news..its the best news channel on tv..but CNN is pretty good too. FOX SUCKS.

* Cooper is already wanting to play ball and its just barely 8am.. that is dog is crazy if he thinks we are planning ball right now.

* Really need to work on the Avon video. I might not get it done until Tuesday but I will get it up this week. I have only used 1 thing so far because I want to show you guys before I put my fingers in it. excited to show you a bunch of great products and tell you about a pretty nice giveaway too!

* Love that the butter dish giveaway is doing so well! I am always so excited to do giveaways.. its so fun to see who wins it. Wish I could give you all one but I can't. The next giveaway is going to be just as fun!

* I have got lots of videos coming up...including - A Day in the Life - video that is coming up in just a few minutes. Linkups are so fun!

* My nose is cold.. I seriously hate being cold. That's why I am moving to Florida. Please work better fireplace.

* I wonder why Brandons room always smells like fish tank.. or a pet shop mabye? Can't figure that one out.

* My ex husbands birthday was yesterday. I forgot it.. and was reminded by Brittany at 10pm so we called. Guess Jackson needs to go make him something.

* I am wondering if I could paint wood? Dark wood.. Couldn't I just paint over it with white paint?? I don't know why I couldn't. I wish I had more white furniture.

* Might need an afternoon nap.

* I should take my husbands shirts to the dry cleaners.. Thats one less load of laundry!

* Thinking that maybe once we make the move to Florida, trading in the Jaguar and getting a convertible Mini Cooper. Sounds right to me!

* Scotts step mom is so excited we are moving down. She really does treat me so nice. I think it will be good for all of us to get closer together. Shit.. makes me remember I need to mail my sisters phone charger TODAY.

Looks like I am over thinking this morning! I could go on and on but I need coffee and this post is long enough!

K Jaggers
4 comments on "Waking up thinkin'..."
  1. Wow is all I can say. I can't think that much in the morning. Heck it is 8:41 and I still aint thinking that much.


  2. @ Trina.. I got to bed with my brain racing and wake up the same way! Hope you wake up and have a great Monday! xoxo

  3. I'm a cat lover and you are definitely in trouble. He/she won't go away and you know that.

    You might as well feed and call the vet. now. Good luck!!

    I came in on GFC blog hop and am now following you and your blog.

    Please visit me and return the favor. I don't think any of my cat pots are on the front page right now though.


    Thanks and happy cat new cat day!:-)

  4. @ Jackie.. I would have been in trouble if we wouldn't have found where he belonged! Thankfully he is back home where he belongs! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. I am following you back now! Happy New Year!


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