Wake up..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well I am awake.. Thank goodness. I seriously thought the bed felt amazing this morning. I woke up to the same winds that I fell asleep to. I opened my eyes for a few minutes and tucked my cold nose under the blanket and out I went. Thank goodness for the insulated coffee pot. Otherwise I would either be drinking cold coffee or having to warm it up. Its not going to get very warm here today. A high of 40.. WTF? I hate cold weather. Seriously hate it. But I did wake up to the sweetest email from husby! Thank you baby.. I love you!

Today I do hope to accomplish getting the second floor cleaned up. So I might just stay up here most of the afternoon. I also need to run to the store and get something for dinner. I don't know what we are having but I  didn't get the roast in the oven soon enough so I need to fix something else.

It sure wasn't easy sleeping today. The cats were driving me nuts. My son was running in and out of the bedroom trying to get the location of the pop tarts. Ummmmm..... the snack closet.. dumbass!!  Then the kitty cats decided they would sneak in one by one as Jackson was standing in here getting directed to the pop tarts. Romeo gets up on the desk.. and I heard a big noise right beside me.. and it was him knocking down the papers that I had so neatly stacked up to go through. Thanks Romeo..

So both boys are here.. I think I am just going to let them have the first floor most of the day and work on the upstairs. I really want to clean the bathrooms up here. Plus the master bedroom needs some love too!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


K Jaggers
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  1. I've got a bunch of cleaning to do today as well! Here's hoping we accomplish all we want to today!!


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