Very Fast Eggs Benedict Dinner...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tonight the last thing I wanted to be doing is cooking. .but I did want to eat.. Fast food just didn't sound good.. so I went for the fast version of 

Eggs Benedict 

I also thought a fruit salad would be perfect to go with it... even though it is winter and good fruit is hard to come by.. 

Its simple for the Eggs Benedict. 

Again.. this is the fast way of making it. 

A package of English Muffins, a package of Canadian Bacon.. 2 eggs per person and your pre made Hollandiaise Sauce.. I told you fast. I use to make sauces in cooking school all the time.. but these little packets taste good and are fast and simple. 

I first got going on the fruit salad.. 

I couldn't find any good looking pineapple or kiwi. So I got those little cups of the pineapple and I got the orange to sweeze over all the fruit. 

Got everything chopped.. 

add all the other fruit such as the blueberry and pineapple..squeeze then squeeze the orange over it.. and I like to add a couple tablespoons of sugar just to sweeten it up. Honey works too! 

I let it sit so the flavors would come together more while I worked on the rest of dinner. 

I didn't feel like poaching eggs. Nope.. So I just fried them.. and I put a few slices of the Canadian Bacon in the middle. 

In order for us to eat together.. I just kept making the eggs and keeping them in a warm oven. Works just fine. 

Then it was fast making the Hollandaise Sauce. All you need to make it is butter and water. 

and it taste really good too. Just to make it taste even better.. add a splash of lemon juice in the end and whisk in. 

Then you toast your muffins and add a slice of the Canadian Bacon.. top it with an egg and then pour some of the sauce over it. I sprinkled on some dried chives.. but fresh would have been better. 

And tonight's easy dinner was done! 

I went ahead and made plate by plate and just put the little plates back in the oven until I had them all finished. And got the drinks ready. I also went ahead and gave everyone a generous amount of fruit on their plate to make sure they would eat it.. 

Dinner tonight was a success.. and they ate up! 

Perfect for a cold night in! 


K Jaggers

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