Tuesday Topics - Seven People -

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
The Austin Family Diary

I know its late but at least I am getting this up before the clock strikes midnight!

So today its 7 people I would like to meet.

So here they are!!

Of course.. Oprah would have to be high on the list. I mean who wouldn't love to talk to her!? She has so much wisdom to give out. I would listen to every word. 

Then I would have liked to have met 

Antoine Watteau

Jean-Antoine Watteau who was a distant Uncle of mine who was an amazing painter.

His works hang all over Museums in Europe. 

I would also love to meet.. 

Our President. I think he would be really cool to hang out with! 

I would LOOOOOVE to meet 

Lisa Eldridge and have her do my make up. She's an amazing make up artist to the stars.. Yes Please! 

I couldn't make this list without including 

Psychic John Edward. I really really want to talk to him. It would be a dream come true for me. I would give anything to talk to some family and friends on the other side. 

And last but not least.. I would love to meet..

Price William and Kate Middleton. I think they would be so fun to have dinner and drinks with.. Well, after she has the baby! 

Hope you had a great Tuesday! 


K Jaggers
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  1. I just recently watched a couple tutorials by Lisa Eldridge and loved them! Obama would definitely be on my list too. My husband has talked about how he seems like someone fun to have a beer with.


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