Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Organizing The Frig!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Sunday husby was kind enough to clean out or frig..its a job I can't stand.. so I was super happy that he chipped in and helped! 

And today I found this great little exzample on how your frig to be organized and where the best places to store your yummy food! 

The Organized Fridge!

When was the last time you cleaned out your frig!? I found that taking a lot of the food out of the bulky packaging is really what saves us a ton of room in the frig. We pack it full and half the time never can find anything we want! But its all organized now and I am hoping it stays that way! 

Happy Tuesday!

K Jaggers

2 comments on "Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Organizing The Frig! "
  1. i love this! haha i've been seeing a lot of these organizing ideas for kitchens/fridges and i did the same thing. it makes life just a little bit easier!

    p.s- thanks for stopping by my blog the other week! i really appreciate it.


  2. @ Brooke.. a organized frig makes all the difference. Most of the time we have scary science experiments going on in there.. so hopefully this will not only help but inspire all of us to clean it up a little bit! =)


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