Tuesday Inspiration..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Morning! I hope you guys all had a great Monday. It was rather busy for me. I worked a lot around the house and tried getting the upstairs really cleaned up and I also did a lot downstairs but you would never know it just by looking. Scott worked super late last night. They had customers till after 8pm and then it took an hour for him to drive home. I wasn't too happy about it but he came in bringing Taco Bell and a bottle of wine.. Not so bad! I mean.. the wine was better than the Taco Bell but Jackson and Brandon were happy with dinner. I ended up in bed a bit earlier last night. My neck has been feeling a lot better but into the night it got pretty sore and I got a headache. I decided to not push it.. and took some meds and went to bed. 

Scott changed days off because today is Brandon's day off and they are heading to meet with the Air Force Recruiter. Brandon thinks this is what he wants to do so they are starting the process. Its kinda strange but I think it will be good for Brandon. So both guys will be home today. Who knows how much I will get done but thankfully I am only up for a few minutes to kiss my little boy goodbye. Scott got him ready and is taking him to school. Can't say I don't love that. 

I hope to get some laundry done.. make a quick run to the store.. and get some blog posts done. I hope to catch up. I really need to try to focus on the first floor tomorrow. I am sick of a big house. Seriously.. I am sick of it. It's a lot to clean and it never stays that way for long.

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!

K Jaggers
5 comments on "Tuesday Inspiration.."
  1. Hi! I just linked up to your 'weekly goals'-I'm already following you. :)

  2. That's such a lovely piece of advice!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  3. Haha! Time to get a house cleaner ;)!

    And a bottle of wine and taco bell? Why does that sound so perfect to me right now?!? hahaha.


  4. I love this! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more. :)

  5. @ must love junk.. Thank you! I will have to hop over there and check them out!

    @ Samantha .. it is isn't it? I love it. I have to constantly remind myself of it because I hate waking up early.. and it always feels awful!

    @ Jessica.. We have thought about it.. this is a huge house.. I can't keep up.. but we are moving to Florida. Hopefully the house won't be as big! And the wine and taco bell worked for us! =)

    @ Love Sparkle Pretty.. Nice to meet you!


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