Tonight's Line up..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

 Tonight is a big night on tv!! I mean huge.. 

So we have 

Did you watch it last night? Well Mariah was her diva self.. and I freaking LOVE her!! Its too funny.. My husband and I got into this huge debate on who was worth more on that panel. Of course Mariah is.. but he didn't think so.. 

Here's the breakdown.. 

Mariah Carey Estimated Net Worth $500 Million
Ryan Seacrest Net Worth $ 65 Million
Randy Jackson Net Worth $ 40 Million
Keith Urban Net Worth $ 35 Million
Nicki Minaji Net Worth $14 Million

We looked these up so I could make my point.. that Mariah is the start of that show now. I think Nicki is a little jealous.. but I thought they worked well together. 

Then we got the QUEEN talking to Lance Armstrong tonight.. 

Oh yes.. this is going to be a heart breaking conversation. I love him. I really do. I don't care for a second that he might/probably doped in the past. I don't think they should have stripped him. I think he is amazing..but I also think he is a real man who has made mistakes. His contribution to cancer alone is HUGE.. I know there is so much drama about this right now.. so guess what?? 

I'm Watching.. 

And tonight is also the night for our beloved Greys.. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Cast Photo

Did see it last week? It was so sad. In the end, I had tears streaming down my face.

So in our house tonight.. we are doing nothing but laying back and enjoying some good tv. I will start out with American Idol and switch over to Oprah at when she comes on.. and DVR Greys upstairs on the bedroom tv. 

Its been crazy weather today. We have had tons of rain and heavy winds.. so I haven't left at all. Its suppose to snow about 10pm. I need to go shopping but I wasn't getting out in that mess. Thankfully husby is picking up KFC and some wine on his way home!

And we are going to stay in.. stay dry.. stay warm .. cuddled up in front of the tv.. Sounds pretty good to me. And I probably won't be taking calls a lot of the night. So leave a message and I will call back. My phone has been sucking anyway with the weather. I think I am going to run around here for the next little while.. pick the house up .. and get things done so at 8pm.. I can't fall on the couch and not move for a while! 

What are you planning on watching tonight!? 

K Jaggers
4 comments on "Tonight's Line up.. "
  1. Sounds like the perfect evening! I too will be watching all those shows as well.

  2. I am watching The Big Bang Theory!
    Come say hi!

  3. Hi Miss Kisha! This is what a call a refreshing blog! Seriously is like a rush of fresh air in blogland! Thank you for keeping it real and natural! Returning the bloggy love and following you! Oh I just liked you on fb from my personal page too! Lizy

  4. @ was a great tv night!

    @ Regine..That is my moms favorite show!! But I just can't get into it!

    @ Lizbeth..Nice to meet you! Thanks for the sweet compliment! Following you back! =)


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