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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Ours around here.. was pretty good! Saturday morning I totally loved waking up to no alarm clock. I slept wayyy too late but it was really worth it! 

I spent most of the day around the house..

doing desk work and working on the computer in my comfy sweats. I got a lot of videos edited and uploaded and some blog posts published. Did you see the laundry review I put up? You guys should all really check it out.. its life changing.. click here to see it! I had a busy day of running errands in the afternoon and trying to get done as fast as I could so I could get cleaned up. 

Husby and I had 

that I had to clean up for. I was vloging along the way..which will be up tomorrow.. 

We headed out and ended up at Sushi Dojo..

We had a very nice dinner.. Scott fed me a lot of salad and sipping on 

some yummy soup! We really share the salad and soup because we both love each! 

Scott enjoyed a martini..

And had a bunch of sushi for dinner! 

I enjoyed a yummy Bento Box

And.. the orange pulls it all together in the end.. LOVE IT! 

We did a little shopping before the movie where I got..

You can click HERE to see the haul in full.. but I got some pretty interesting items! Scott and I made it into the movies where a guy would seriously answer his phone in the middle of the movie and talk.. A couple people complained so the guy got flashed lighted and tossed out. We got blinded for a few seconds when that happened. 

You can expect a movie review coming up tomorrow! 

Today we all slept in..


I sat around reading the paper and watching the news for over an hour. It took a long while to get started! 

Jackson and I .. Scott helped a little too worked a puzzle

which was really cute! 

Scott took Jackson and Brandon out to do a little shopping and came back with a gift for me!!!

I was so happy! He heard me complaining that even though I had 2.. both my crockpots were kinda small. 

This one matches the kitchen..

and is much bigger!! Thank you baby! I love it..

They also picked up another puzzle 

and got busy working it. 

During this time, I finished up dinner and they worked even more on the puzzle.

Tonights dinner was meal #1 for our series of crockpot meals. Super fun making dinner this week in a crockpot. 

Tonight it was French Onion Pork Roast with potatoes and carrots. 

You can check out the full recipe and video if you click RIGHT HERE!! I would love it if you joined up and came back and shared your blog post or your pictures. If don't blog just email me pictures to and if you have a blog.. link up your post and or video in the comments! Tuesday is Crockpot Lasagna.. I am serving it up with a simple side salad and dinner rolls. If you want to see the ingredient list so you can get prepared.. its HERE!

I ended my night by 

getting things ready for Jackson tomorrow morning. I am not a morning person. I hate mornings and the only reason we get through them in one piece is because of organization the night before. As you can see.. His clothes, socks ( socks can sometimes be a big problem in the am..its always better to dig through the laundry the night before! ) I have his books and lunch money.. and as you can see the cereal is already poured and waiting on him. There's also a glass of milk in the frig that he can just pour into the cereal. I also laid out a banana after the picture was taken. Scott gets him up about 15 minutes before he gets me up and it helps because he has everything he needs to get started. 

 I ended my night happy in my bubble bath.. 


and now in bed. I have to be up early.. and I can't stay up till 4 or 5am .. AGAIN.. so I am taking my sleep meds a bit more early and trying to get to sleep at a reasonable time. My goal is 1am the lights go out. * Wish me Luck!  

So we got our first linky series going tonight. Its a simple blog linkup for your weekly goals. Just do a blog post.. list them out and add your link to the list! Couldn't be easier! You can get the button and link up here! And late night the Fill in the Blank Friday will go live too! Its exactly the same.. and both my mom and I will be coming up with the questions! 

Well morning is going to come fast. I have to get Jackson off to school. I am going to come home.. have a cup of coffee...wake up a little better and then start my next crockpot meal! =) I have some errands to run during the day but it shouldn't be take to long. Then I am sure its a night of homework. YUCK.

I hope you have a great Monday! But I recommend strong coffee in the morning! 



K Jaggers
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