Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Helloooooo! I hope you had a warm and cozy Wednesday. Around here.. its been so cold and I don't warm up very easily. I did snuggle up with all the kitty cats tonight and...

I had warm cozy socks on..

along with the fireplace going all day and night. And I've still been cold! 

I totally sucked today.. I didn't get the roast in the oven so I opted for..

 sloppy joes and tator tots..

I skipped out on the tator tots and went for chips.. 

Dinner was actually pretty good! 

Scott came home and got the entire house jacked up from Jackson to the dog. 

Then he went through the steps of showing Jackson how to dance. 

Totally sweet...

Jackson's Winter Ball tomorrow should be a lot of fun! I am still shocked how they are having it in the middle of the week.. but owell! 

While the boys did their thing.. I went through all the notes from school. 

They seriously load us all up with so much paperwork. But its better than not knowing what's going on. 

We also sat back and watched...

Yep.. American Idol. It was pretty good tonight. I do like Nicki Minaj.. She does make me laugh! But sometime during the show.. my nose started running and I started feeling bad. Just when I thought I had skid right though winter without getting sick.. BAMMM!! Hopefully its just a passing feeling and goes away in the morning. 

Speaking of the morning.. Husby is off work and going to take Jackson to school for me.. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! However.. I still need to get up and get a picture of him in his suit. He loves it. and I don't want to miss out. So even on a cold morning.. this mom is getting her ass up for picture time! =)) But I will get up last minute and probably go crawl back in bed for a few hours. I think Scott has some errands he needs to do, so sleeping in shouldn't be a problem. But super happy he will be home! He's complaining about not feeling that good either. So we might just be two sick people laying in bed.. who knows. 

Ohh.. before I say goodnight.. I just had to include this video of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at John Boehner.. Remember .. he's the one that cries all the time.. Well I think she didn't appreciate him bumping her arm.. I just wonder what was going through her mind when this look came across her face!? 

Probably same thought I have.. ASSHOLE! 

Anyway..right now, its time for rest. 

I hope had a great day.. Go ahead and leave me a comment and let me know what it was like in your neck of the woods! 


K Jaggers
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