The Facts of Me.. Link up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
The Facts of Me

Today I am linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for this weeks 

- The Facts of Me - 


* I doodle a lot.. really.. A LOT! 


* I have kept a journal since I have been 7 years old. 

* I still have all those journals even to this day. Its so funny looking back! 

* I am a make up hoarder.  


* I buy makeup on a weekly basis.. guess you can call it my passion.. or maybe OBSESSION is the right word. 

* I first wore eyeliner in 4th grade.. WOW.. that's young! I would never had let my daughter wear make up that early.. see.. obsession. 

* I even got caught softening my eyeliner with a match in elementary school. Our principle was female and she asked me what I was using a match for in the bathroom, I explained why I was using it.. and she made me show her.. She got out her HUGE makeup bag.. pulled out a black liner pencil and had me actually show her. She was shocked.. and learned a new tip from a young girl who loved makeup! Lucky for me.. she loved makeup just as much and I didn't get in any trouble for the match in the bathroom!

* However.. my hair is always a mess. Its just got a mind of its own!

* I love..


Coffee..and I pay big amounts of money for good coffee.

* I am scared of heights.. and will NEVER get on a


Roller Coaster.. Won't happen.. EVER.

* Growing up I had a major crush on..

* And I still love Bonjovi! I had that exact picture in my bedroom for years! 

* I suck at doing laundry. 


* Just the other day, I ruined one of my husbands ties.. Opps.. Once a silk tie ends up in the washer.. its over. 

* My grandparents did my laundry for years.. and failed to teach me how to do it. So I just have learned along the way.. but I have destroyed a lot of clothes in the process! 

* I grew up around ...


* And I feel that if you are going to smoke something.. some natural pot is better than some chemically Poisioness cigarettes Yes... go for the weed instead. It will be better for you.

* I have a huge love for pens and sharpies in all colors. 


* Right now I probably have 20 different colors in my purse. 

* I have broke phone after phone..


* A lot of times.. the phone is on my lap in the car.. then I jump out.. and the phone goes flying. It happened just last night but thankfully it didn't shatter this time! 

* I still think my husband is the sexiest man alive. 


* After 10 years.. he still has it. He's sexy, smart, and sweet.. and most of all.. confident. I like a man who knows what he likes and wants. 

* I've only really been in love 1 other time besides my husband. His name was Stephen.. but it wasn't meant to be.. and I just had to wait for Mr. Right to come along. And he did. 

* I don't sleep good. Its never easy for me to get to sleep.. or stay asleep. I have been that way for YEARS. 

* I have a serious addiction to 

kitty cats. How can you not love that face? Thankfully I married the right man who doesn't mind living in a real cat house! 

* I am cold all the time. Its seriously awful.. and 


I am always wearing some kind of sweater. 

*  My husband and I are always bickering about the temp of the house. He likes it cold.. I like it really warm. 

*  My last year of college I applied to the.. 

and they DIDN'T hire me.. What were they thinking!? I would have made a great spy! =) 

* I don't do funerals unless its immediate family or someone I was really close to. Its too hard on my soul to say goodbye to people I love. 

* I curse like a sailor.. My son is seriously going to get rich from 

all the quarters I have to pay Jackson for cursing. Its truly epic how many curse words I can fit in just 1 sentence. 

Happy Tuesday! 


K Jaggers

6 comments on "The Facts of Me.. Link up! "
  1. I love sharpies, Bon Jovi, coffee, cursing

    And I support mary jane for all. Especially medicinally!

  2. So did not know the eye liner trick!!!

    And thanks for stopping by! I followed back

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I totally thought for a brief second that picture underneath the comment on how your think your husband is sexy might really be you two... and then I reconsidered my thought.

    I love that you love make-up. I am terrible at applying it on myself, and anyone else who asks. I have such high respect for makeup queens!!

  4. it was nice to get to know you more.
    I always love reading about the bloggers I follow.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  5. Ooh careful on the phones! That made me grab mine! Also get a nespresso coffee maker. Trust me on this. Life changing.

  6. Found you through the linkup. I look forward to reading more of your posts! I agree with you on a lot of your facts including sharpies, cats, coffee, and *ahem* other things!


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