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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Happy Thursday friends! I know I missed last weeks Thankful Thursday post.. I just had a lot going on and didn't get it done! Opps.. but I was thankful for many things last week just like this week!

♥ I am thankful for how long and hard my husband works to support our family. Without him I would be totally lost. Thank you baby. I know you are working yourself really hard right now but it will pay off when WE MOVE TO FLORIDA IN A FEW MONTHS!

♥ I am thankful for how thoughtful my son is. He's a handful most days but none of that really matters when it comes down to it. What matters is his compassion, his love, and his smile. How did I get so lucky?

♥ I am thankful for a little girl who keeps me on my toes. Brittany is 11 going on 20 and because of her.. I find myself getting more and more alert and on top of her. Gotta watch the girls!

♥ I am thankful for the love of the kitty cats who love me when I look like shit.. feel grumpy.. and don't really want to do anything. They give me so much unconditional love. They make me smile as much as my family!

♥ I am thankful for Shanna.. No one could ask for a better friend. Seriously.. I love you Shanna and we will be growing old together.. hell, we are already old huh!?

♥ I am thankful for my patience in dealing with one of the neighbors this past week. Yea.. I seriously wanted to toss him off my porch but thankfully that wonderful husband of mine handled it in a much nicer way!

♥ I am thankful for my mom who is seriously one of my best friends. We talk a 100x a day and I would be so lost without her. I love you mom!

♥ I am thankful for Mickey D's who feeds me when I am too lazy to cook.. which is more often than not!

♥ I am very thankful that I didn't mess up my car with I bumped into the garage.. Dang garage door getting in the way! =)

♥ I am thankful for all of you.. my lovely readers who come back to this blog day after day and share our lives with us. You guys are some of the sweetest people on the earth and I am very thankful for a
ll your kind words and support. You guys are the best!

What are you thankful for this week? Link up below!!

K Jaggers

10 comments on "Thankful Thursday Link up! "
  1. We have a lot to be thankful for. I never see post like this unless it thanksgiving. lol. I'm glad your posting this. Now it's time for me to show my appreciation and share what i'm thankful for!

  2. @ NavyWif33 Well write that thankful post and come back and link up at the bottom! Sorry the linky thing wasnt working when you first saw this post! Its up now... I would love to see what you are thankful for this week!I think its important to be thankful/grateful each day..♥

  3. @ Lauren.. your comment didn't show up!!! So sorry.. hope you come back and leave it again! I saw your comment in my email but not sure why its just your name on here.. Hummmmmmmm... well thank you for stopping by!! I am following along your journey abroad.. and love reading your posts!

  4. What a great list of things to be thankful for! Thanks for linking up with me today!

  5. My mum told me we should be thankful to everything we have . Even if we're breathing , we should be thankful to God who gave us second breath . This list is adorable.
    Following you :) Thanks for coming to my blog , I hope we'd stay connected :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. I like your thankfuls :) Oh boy, I hear you on the garage door thing - I have been known to have some run ins with that myself in the past :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great day!

  7. @ Sarah - Thank you! And thanks for the linkup! You can always add yours too to my linkup!! Its nice being able to meet and network with other bloggers!
    @ Noor Your mom was right! There is ALWAYS something to be thankful/grateful for!
    @ La petite lulu ..Yes.. that damn garage door gets in the way sometimes doesn't it!? Thanks for commenting!

  8. So many thankfuls! I love the garage door one. My garage door seems to e in the way as well.

  9. @Beth77.. Gosh..looks that that damn door just keeps getting in everyones way! Happy New Year!


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