Thankful Thursday - Heat Edition - LINKUP!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you are having a great start to the day! I am trying to stay warm and fight off a cold that is slowly creeping up on me. So with that in mind.. today's thankful all about 


Yes you heard me right.. heat. I am so thankful for:


The fireplace and heating system that keeps me.. well, my entire family warm on such cold days and nights. 

I am thankful for big cozy 


blankets that keep me warm through the night.. and what holds me in bed much longer than I should be. 

I am thankful for the hot coffee


that I make and buy that helps warm my body from the inside out. And here lately.. I have really been into Lattes. 

I am thankful for soft warm cozy 


pjs and socks that make the cold floors bearable. 

I am thankful for a sexy husband who I can 


snuggle up with to help warm me up a little too! 

I am thankful for all the heat around the house. Its been so cold out.. and I even put a 

little space heater in the bathroom so I don't freeze coming in and out of the shower or bath. However I have been turning it on right before I go to sleep so in the night when I have to get up.. the floor isn't so cold in the bathroom... and its working out great! 

And I am happy with the new gloves 

that I got over Christmas from my mom that help keep my hands warm.. I also have a great tip coming up next Tuesday about how to use gloves with your iphones or touch phones. Its a great tip.. and I wish I would have shared it this Tuesday! But stay tuned for a great tip! 

I hope you have wonderful Thursday! If you have a Thankful Thursday post you want to link up.. feel free to link it up below! And you can link up here and other blogs too! Get your post written and share it! 

K Jaggers

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2 comments on "Thankful Thursday - Heat Edition - LINKUP! "
  1. Visiting from Thankful Thursdays. Love your list - I am ALWAYS thankful for coffee and warmth!! :)

  2. @ Elizabeth.. Me too!! And these cold days... we need everything we can to warm us up!


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