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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Its been such a long cold day. Right now I am sitting back sipping a yummy homemade mocha latte.. and its super delicious. The perfect ending to this day! How did your Friday go? I am betting for many of you.. it was cold.. We are in North Carolina and its freezing here. Gosh.. Can't wait to get moved! 

Here's a look at how my day was. 

We all woke up to a very cold and icy morning. 


Jackson was on a 3 hour delay. We tried but we both fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until an hour after he was suppose to be at school. I called to see if they really wanted me to bring him in.. and the sweet lady told me that half the school was missing today. At that point.. I dozed back off .. while Jackson enjoyed waking up to some cartoons. It was too cold to go out anyway. 

I didn't really feel like doing anything today. I'm serious.. My entire body was achy. I was grumpy too. But I had a starving family. So out I went. 

The entire time going around the store.. I was on the phone with a great friend. I think together we bitched non stop until I was done shopping. Which actually helped get me.. because I just wanted to give up and come home. However I managed to get everything we needed in 1 store. There was no way in hell I was going any where else. 

I did stop at Mickey D's and get Jackson and I lunch on the way home. 


I know I just bought a lot of stuff. But I was planning on getting it all out and make a haul video and we needed something fast.. and the big mac meal was really good! 

When I got back home I was happy to see this box sitting on the porch.. 

that my sister in law sent me.. 

Look at all the Avon products!!

I was really happy because I was kinda down.. I wanted to go get a few new products at CVS and didn't.. =( Then I come home and see this! Thank you so much Trina!! She spoiled me rotten with the makeup. This seriously put a smile on my face when I was pretty grumpy!! So I will try to get the products photographed tomorrow and I might get a video up too.. but if not this weekend.. it will be up by Monday at the latest! Super excited!! I love makeup.. and I am trying to figure out a way to store it all where I can find things. The biggest problem I have is not being able to find certain products. But I am excited to try these! Wait till you guys see how many reviews are coming up! 

So I came home and got a video of all 

the stuff I got at the store..Love Love Love Food Hauls! I still don't think I could have done this shopping without my friend listening to me bitch along the way! 

For dinner tonight.. I made simple.. 

Steak Fajitas 

And I just set everything out.. 

with a side of cheesy re fried beans. 

and let everyone help themselves. 

it was actually really really good. I stacked mine high with toppings and enjoyed every bite! 

Scott got home and was really sleepy. He worked  an hour over so he ate.. took a shower.. and climbed in bed. I wish we could have spent a little more time together but I understand him being tired. I cleaned the kitchen.. did a bunch of laundry.. and then found myself.. 


in the bath enjoying a movie on my laptop. It was nice. I was tired and the bath sure helped. I came out and had enough energy to pick up the laundry room and fold another load. I am doing my best to hurry with the laundry and get it done and out of the way. The house has been a wreck for a while. My good friend pointed out to me today.. that yes, my house might be a mess.. but I haven't been feeling good. She's right. My neck injury took me out of the game for a few days and I am still not 100%. But I am working hard on getting it done. Thankfully its starting to look better. 

Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in. Really sleeping in. And then working around the house. I plan on answering a lot of emails and comments tomorrow while I wake up. Then back to some part of this house. I am super happy husby will be home Sunday. I have missed him. This schedule he is on is pretty hard on both of us. More so with him but I hate it too. I keep reminding him its only for a few months. Then we can move. But tomorrow I hope he stays up a little later and enjoys Sunday resting up at home. 

Time for sleep.

Hope you have a great weekend! 


K Jaggers
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