Super Wash Ball by BioCera LIFE CHANGING Review { Photos & Video }

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I am so excited to be doing this review for you! I recieved this as a gift from my mom over Christmas and its a LIFE CHANGER!!! 

So lets get on with it! =) 

This box comes with 2 BioCera Balls.. that takes the place of your standard laundry soap. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? I sure in the hell wanted to believe that this would be an end to my laundry soap buying days!!! How freaking exciting is that!? No more carrying those heavy boxes and bottles around.. No more big prices for Tide and Cheer. What could be better?

Here is how these claim to work...

You can find these at QVC.. and you can click right here to get them and see the reviews! 

I put these to the test.. check out the video below!

OMG.. I can't believe how well these work!! So I have done the math.. At 6 loads a week.. these 2 balls should last over 3 years.. SERIOUSLY!!! I can't believe it. The directions say to use stain remover when needed and use fabric softener for whatever scent you like. You are also suppose to sit the balls outside in direct sun light for about 2 hours once a month to get rid of the odors. 

For me I did some with with fabric softner and some not.. and to be honest.. the clothes smelled pretty good.. with nothing. They smell fresh and clean. I LOVE IT!!! 


I do normally put fabric softener in with the towels and blankets and using those balls everything is coming nice and clean! 

Soooo I am totally shocked.. in love.. and very thankful for this wonderful gift from my mom!!! Thank you so much!

These work GREAT TO CLEAN OUR CLOTHES.. No more laundry soap for us! No way! But I did buy some 

but that's it.. what a huge SAVINGS in the laundry budget! 

 Since I am totally in love with it.. Guess what the next giveaway is going to be!? Yep.. one lucky winner is going to win one set of these great Super Washing Balls!! But I am going to wait till the Butter Dish Giveaway is over before I start another one.. But count on this giveaway going live in a week or so!

Would you be interested in winning a set of these?

K Jaggers

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